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Horoscopes for Iraq
From NewsScope  April 21, 2003

Pluto Demands an Islamic Iraq

What happens if the Iraqi people, if they are allowed to choose their own leaders and shape their own government, decide to create an Islamic theocracy? Last Friday tens of thousands of Iraqi demonstrators poured into the streets of Baghdad to demand an end to the U.S. presence in their country. Sunnis and Shiites alike clamored for a united Islamic state to replace Saddam's dictatorship.

Iraq's national horoscope (August 23, 1921; 6:00 pm; Baghdad) reflects the current of popular sentiment now challenging the Bush administration's idea for Iraq's future. On Friday, the day these mass protests began, transiting Pluto was forming an exact-to-the minute hard aspect to natal Venus in Cancer. The demonstrations were largely a request for peace in the homeland, which is what Venus (peace) in Cancer (homeland) symbolizes.

Pluto passing through the fourth house of domestic affairs is an indicator for a profound transformation of the nation's infrastructure. Pluto in the fourth house also unearths links to the distant past, and with the connection to Venus, refers to the valuable artifacts looted from the Baghdad National Museum.

Since Pluto is in religious Sagittarius, a return to authoritarian, Islamic rule becomes a popular option for self-governance. Pluto will soon by forming a trine to Iraq's Moon in Aries (exact on May 24), further empowering the people to express their desire for independence from the U.S. presence. All this takes place as the Bush administration prepares to unveil its "road map to peace", the plan to bring democracy to the Middle East, and theoretically, secular governments.
From NewsScope March 31, 2003

The War in Iraq

Many astrologers are using the "Target of Opportunity" missile attack (March 20; 5:35 am; Baghdad) on Saddam and his generals as the horoscope for the War in Iraq. While this moment is certainly a stark point in the rolling start, as an event chart it highlights the relevancy of Iraq's national horoscope.

Iraq has several valid horoscopes, but the one that comes to life in the current geopolitical climate is its original foundation chart set for August 23, 1921; 6:00 am; Baghdad. Comparing the event chart to Iraq's national horoscope shows transiting Mars exactly opposite natal Pluto, effectively symbolizing the Target of Opportunity which the event chart describes. Transiting Neptune opposes natal Mars, reflecting the bogging down of the military conflict.

Iraq's progressed Sun is now exactly trine Venus, a very beneficial connection showing how world opinion favors Iraq's position here, especially in the Arab regions, but also in Europe and in the growing anti-war movement in the U.S. Global public opinion polls show that most people think Bush is more of a threat to global peace than Saddam. The Bush administration has a massive public relations problem.

Still, transiting Uranus passing back and forth opposite the Iraq Sun in 2003 shows that Saddam remains in crisis mode, and may be deposed at any moment. Also, transiting Uranus opposes Iraq's Ceres on April 6, indicating a time frame when civilian casualties could suddenly escalate. The Target of Opportunity event chart shows that Iraq's natal horoscope is an effective tool to track developments in Iraq.
Major outer planet transits and progressions mark Baghdad's historical development, including the American pre-emptive strike on March 20, 2003.
Iraq Prepares for War
NewsScope, September 2, 2002

Following Vice President Dick Cheney's bellicose speech last week, Iraqi military forces began digging in to protect Baghdad and other major cities in preparation for urban warfare. U.S. officials said that taking the fight to the streets is probably Saddam's best strategy since it would neutralize U.S. air power, and in the block-by-block fighting, cause unacceptable U.S. and civilian casualties.

The imminent war can be followed astrologically by looking into the horoscopes for Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Saddam Hussein (April 28, 1937; Tikrit, Iraq; time controversial) has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, a combination perfectly describing his determination to dig in and hold his ground. The pending Jupiter-Neptune opposition, exact on September 11, squares his Sun-Uranus combination.

From the several national charts for Iraq, the first one is probably the most significant since the U.S. position aims at completely reconfiguring the government through outside intervention. Iraq was originally created after World War I when the victorious British generals drew lines on maps, and formally granted independence on August 23, 1921 (6:00 am; Baghdad).

Astrologers will note that the Mars-Neptune conjunction in the 12th house of behind-the-scenes activities reflects the manner in which Iraq was created. This same aspect was powerfully activated when Saddam invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990 (by the Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross). At the moment transiting Jupiter is heading into this same degree zone as British and American warplanes are becoming more engaged. Watch around September 8 (as transiting Jupiter is inconjunct Iraq's Uranus) for a sudden escalation.

July 14, 2003
The End of Saddam in Post-War Iraq?

Last week as U.S. casualties kept climbing in Iraq, members of the House Armed Services Committee grilled Tommy Franks, the retiring commander of the U.S. forces in the war. Franks admitted under questioning that U.S. troops could remain in Iraq for years. Meanwhile, U.S. special forces concentrated on finding Saddam Hussein who continues to inspire hostile reaction to the American presence.

Iraq's horoscope (August 23, 1921; 6:00 am; Baghdad) reflects continuous problems well into next year and beyond. Transiting Neptune opposes Iraq's 12th house Mars-Neptune conjunction, activating a secretive, guerrilla-styled insurgency. On the plus side, last week transiting Jupiter formed a favorable trine to Iraq's Moon. This astro-event corresponded to the creation of a governing council with broad executive powers.

Last week the CIA confirmed that an audio tape from Saddam was authentic. This tape was made on June 14 when the Sun was at 23 Gemini, and verifies his rectified horoscope (April 28, 1937; 8:06 am; Tikrit). Saddam has 23 Gemini Rising, and he was last seen on April 8, the day before his statue was toppled in Baghdad, and when transiting Saturn was at 23 Gemini.

On July 3, the day before the Saddam tape was aired, the Pentagon offered a $25 million reward for his capture. At the time transiting Mars was at his Midheaven and squaring his natal Mars. Watch around the last few days of August as transiting Mars returns to this degree area and is opposed by the Sun. This August 27-29 time frame is given extra importance due to concurrent astro-events,* and heralds a major skirmish, and possibly Saddam's capture or death.

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Civil War in Iraq
NewsScope, September 17, 2007

A key component of General Petraeus's plan is to use the success story in Anbar province as a template for bringing peace to the country. That's where the U.S. military forged an alliance with local Sunni tribes against Al-Qaeda. The plan received a jolt last week, when the Muslim sheikh who convinced his followers to align with the U.S. was assassinated.

The original invasion (March 20, 2003; 5:35 am; Baghdad) is the best way of tracking U.S. involvement in Iraq. This chart features Pluto conjunct the Midheaven with Saturn in opposition from the fourth house. The fourth house describes domestic conditions, and Saturn, as the voice of authority, represents the various sheikhs and elected officials who hold power in various domestic settings.

A major challenge in this horoscope is the problem of duality, seen in the Sun and Ascendant in Pisces, and Saturn afflicted in Gemini. This easily translates into sectarian strife, or more starkly, civil war. Transiting Mars was exactly conjunct the Invasion chart's Saturn when the alliance-forging sheikh was assassinated last week. Unfortunately, Mars turns retrograde in mid-November while still in the fourth house, promising an extended phase of growing domestic violence.

The current climate of crisis is evident with transiting Uranus right on the Ascendant. In December, transiting Pluto will square the Invasion chart's Sun, located in the last degree of Pisces. One might expect that the shaky government formed under Maliki might fall as this transit unfolds. Perhaps Maliki will survive this phase, but then Pluto returns to this degree area in late 2008 – right in time for the U.S. elections.
Maliki Headed for a Fall?
NewsScope for January 16, 2007

President Bush's "new" strategy for Iraq sets the stage for some dramatic developments over the next two months, according to the horoscope for the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003 (5:35 am; Baghdad). This chart can be used to monitor American influence over Iraq and some of Iraq's most significant internal developments, having reliably marked major transitions over the last few years.

The Saturn-Pluto opposition aligned with the Midheaven describes the fundamental restructuring of Iraq, and indicates that Pluto transits lead to some of the most important changes. For example, Iraq's constitution was signed on October 15, 2005, as transiting Pluto formed its exact opposition to Saturn. Then, the Maliki government was formed during March 2006, as transiting Pluto turned retrograde while squaring Mercury.

The Sun in this chart is in the last degree of Pisces, and can be used as a symbol for Iraqi leadership. Saddam Hussein was captured on December 15, 2003 when transiting Mars was conjunct this chart's Sun, and he was hanged on December 30 under further activation of the Sun.* On April 22, 2006, Nouri Maliki was selected as Prime Minister, as transiting Jupiter was precisely trine the Ascendant.

Over the next two months, Pluto heads into a square with this chart's Sun. Pluto turns retrograde on March 31 while only 0º06' from the exact square, pointing to a critical phase in the Iraq war, and especially for Maliki's government. Adding to the disastrous celestial portents is the progressed Moon's conjunction with Pluto on February 28, and then the Midheaven on April 2. It appears that Maliki is headed for a political fall, or possibly an assassination, during this interval.
Civil War in Iraq
NewsScope for September 20, 2005

A horrific wave of suicide bombings left Baghdad dazed last week, and reeling from the worst violence since the fall of Saddam. The Shiite-dominated government had just completed a military sweep of Tal Afar, which was controlled by insurgents—mostly Sunni. Abu Musab Zarqawi claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks, and declared "a full-scale war without mercy" against the Shiites.

The horoscope for the American invasion of Iraq (March 20, 2003; 5:35 am; Baghdad) reveals the potential, even the likelihood, of civil war. Saturn in dualistic Gemini sits on the chart's foundation and opposes Pluto, the planet of extremism. Saturn here represents the domestic authority, but it's split by the tension from Pluto. Transiting Pluto just turned direct while in this same degree area.

Pluto's direct station brings a slow, but dramatic shift in the fledgling nation's status. The diplomatic wrangling and pending vote on the Constitution reflect some progress on the political front, but last week's hostilities came about precisely as the transiting Sun squared Pluto. Adding firepower, transiting Mars was also forming a hard aspect to Pluto, activating the underlying violent intentions.

Mars-Pluto aspects are well-known for their inclination toward violence. This Mars-Pluto aspect (150-degree quincunx) is exceptionally forceful since Mars is about to turn retrograde, and so remains in this degree area much longer than usual. We can expect at least a month more of these insane suicide attacks, especially since the progressed Moon is also squaring the Twelfth House Uranus over this same interval. This looks like the beginning of civil war.

NewsScope for August 16, 2005

The American Occupation of Iraq

As global oil prices neared $70/barrel, negotiations between the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites over distribution of oil revenues became a key sticking point in formulating Iraq 's new constitution. Even as Iraqis made another step toward self-reliance, Americans' support for the Bush administration's Iraqi strategy fell to new lows. President Bush, vacationing in Texas, said now is not the time to withdraw.

The American invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003 (5:35 am; Baghdad), and a horoscope set for this moment can be used to track developments there. The major planetary dynamic is Pluto at the Midheaven opposite Saturn on the Fourth House cusp. Saturn-Pluto combinations correlate with fundamental restructuring, which in current geopolitical jargon, refers to nation-building.

Saturn and Pluto by transit will lead to major changes. For example, when transiting Saturn squared Mercury (ruling speeches) on May 1, 2003, Bush imprudently declared "victory." More recently, the important January 30, 2005 election featured transiting Saturn exactly square the Moon (representing the people). Over the last two months transiting Pluto has been opposing natal Saturn as the various factions grapple with building a solid constitutional foundation.

Unfortunately, Uranus in the Twelfth House of secret enemies forms a close square to the Lunar Node axis. Astrologer Steven Forrest has associated this aspect with explosive, shocking events, which in this case is easily translated into suicide bombers. This natal signature won't go away until American forces turn over the government to the Iraqis, which may not happen until transiting Pluto squares the Pisces Sun in 2008.

Iraq Timeline - Follow NewsScope articles on Iraq over the years to see how dramatically conditions have changed. Various horoscopes are used, depending on circumstances, but often, the transits influence more than one of these charts, since they're many overlapping or key points.

Until 2005, NewsScope's main reference was the 1921 horoscope, set for the departure of the British colonial empire and the transition to an independent country. Another often-used chart, the 1959 horoscope timed to the arrival of Saddam Hussein, became irrelevant after he was deposed in 2003.

Probably the most effective in view of the current American occupation, is the American Invasion horoscope, first featured in 2005, and used as the main horoscope for the country. Interested readers may also track the horoscope for Baghad, founded in 762 AD, and still relevant today.
The Astrology of Baghdad
NewsScope for January 24, 2006

According to historian Benson Bobrick on page 74 of his new book on the history of astrology, The Fated Sky, the cultural, intellectual, and administrative center of early Islam was Baghdad. The capital was pre-selected by the ruling/ caliph who laid the first brick at precisely 2:40 pm local time on July 31, 762 AD, as recommended by his astrologers. Eventually, the center of the Islamic empire shifted to Cairo, but Baghdad's horoscope remains a viable, fascinating map.

Baghdad's chart features Jupiter Rising in Sagittarius, where the planet of religion is said to be "dignified". Jupiter is strengthened by a trine to the Sun, which is dignified in its sign, Leo. However, the caliph thought it was OK to have Mars in the Seventh House of enemies, opposing Jupiter. While Baghdad flourished in religion and higher learning (Sun trine Jupiter), it was periodically attacked by military empires (Mars in Seventh).

Major outer planet transits and progressions mark Baghdad's historical development, including the American strike on March 20, 2003. At the time Saturn had progressed to an exact opposition to Jupiter (orb 0º02') while transiting Jupiter was conjunct Baghdad's Sun and exactly trine Jupiter on the Ascendant. Transiting Pluto squared the Midheaven.

Now transiting Saturn is in Leo near Baghdad's Sun, challenging Iraq's capital to come up with an acceptable leader. The former leader Saddam Hussein was captured on December 15, 2003, as transiting Neptune opposed Baghdad's Sun. Last month, Saddam was put on trial as transiting Saturn was conjunct Baghdad's Sun, and also as elections were held to forge a reliable government. Saturn returns to this degree zone during the first week of July, by which time we might judge if Iraq can move forward with confidence.

NewsScope for April 13, 2004

Uranus Brings Insurgency to Iraq

Amid growing signs that Iraq's Sunni insurgents are joining forces with radical Shiites, the U.S. military is finding itself with more enemies and fewer effective allies than anticipated. The Bush administration's original agenda focused on creating a democratic government as a model for Middle East nation-building, but currently there's no government in place, and growing dissatisfaction with the occupation forces.

Iraq 's horoscope (August 23, 1921; 6:00 am; Baghdad) accurately reflects the sudden uprising since transiting Uranus, the planet of rebellion, has just entered the Seventh House of open enemies. And as previously described in NewsScope (February 17), the timing and rationale for the revolt coincide with transiting Pluto's square to Jupiter, which fosters religious extremism, and an uncompromising attitude toward the occupation forces.

The radical cleric Muktada Al-Sadr and his so-called Mahdi Army can be symbolized by Pluto in Iraq 's natal chart. Pluto represents the powerful faction that demands fundamental shifts in the geopolitical process, and the leader at the head of this faction. Pluto can also represent the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) and its American administrator Paul Bremer. He ordered Al-Sadr's newspaper shut down when transiting Sun squared this Pluto, as the two vied for control.

Now transiting Saturn is heading for a conjunction with Iraq's Pluto. Saturn, representing the authority of the occupational forces, aims to create a viable structure around a make-shift Iraqi government. The conjunction becomes exact on May 9, by which time the tension between the revolutionary forces and the CPA reaches for ultimate resolution. On the deadline date of June 30, when the U.S. has promised to turn over control, the Sun will be conjunct Iraq's Pluto.

"Target of Opportunity" was meant to bring a swift and abrupt end to Saddam's regime, but it began a war that's lasted longer than World War II.