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This beautiful formation has appeared at Wayland Smithy on this day August 12th, The number 12 is significant within this design.

The revelation came when we counted the outer sections of the pattern, and realised the full significance. There is a clear and concise message here, as I¹m sure it was no coincidence to turn up on the 12th August. This important formation with regard to its numerology, not only signified that this date was part of the message, but also of the overall design. On closer inspection of the design, there is a remarkable resemblance to Gothic Architecture, especially Rose Windows, seen in many cathedrals from the 13th Century throughout many parts of Europe.

Rose windows utilise geometry on three levels: manifest, hidden, and symbolic. The 12 divisions throughout this Crop Circle design that are also typically found on Rose Windows all point to the finite and infinite, Earth and Heaven, or matter and spirit, and of course the 12 Disciples.

Numbers had a metaphysical significance in the 13th Century, which is why they incorporated them into the Architecture at the time. The same can also be said for the Crop Circle phenomenon today as this latest Wayland Smithy design demonstrates. Are we just like the Pilgrims from centuries ago, gazing in wonder and raising subconsciously our awareness of the Divine?

John Montgomery Noticed some changes:

The area under the 2 bars (not a traditional representation of a capacitor, but?) is different -- 3 symbols have been added in the one on the right, basically 'connecting the dots'

The CENTRALDangle and RIGHTDangle don't appear to have changed, though the angles of both the Sunlight and cameras aren't totally confirming . if anyone picks up on additional changes, please email me at:- -- thanks!
Judy Beebe made some art out of this formation:

I have not corresponded with you in a long time, but I felt compelled to tell you that one of the newest formations is the WATER CODE.

As you know, my site contains an energy from water (1.426 gig watts of energy from 9 tablespoonfuls of water).  I have also updated my old language of light site and it is now simply

I am now doing an experiment with this code and I will keep you informed of the results.
Some of the patterns also look like the ones used for printing circuit boards, as in the example I provided.  Doesn't make any sense though, since we don't know what the components are.

The Song of Quetzalcoatl
Field report from Mike Callahan
cropcircle connector

What a treat this formation was! I couldn’t wait to have a close-up look and feel what it had to offer. The aerial photographs promised so much. I wasn’t disappointed. I visited on Sunday afternoon and there had been no rain. Generally, I worked up from the bottom to the top and the photographs were taken in this order.

After walking along the tramlines and from the moment of seeing the tail end of the ‘symbols’, (which I suspect will turn out to be translated into something quite profound), I was in awe. The various aspects of the message left me (and many others) scratching our heads, not just regarding the meaning but I also kept thinking ‘how?’, as there was often a few feet between ‘shapes’. The lay was neat and in a clockwise direction. There were a few swirled tufts which seemed to ‘blow away’ a few people. I looked at the small circles and they too were all clockwise and neatly swirled.

As I moved up to the top part of the formation it seemed to change – there was about half in a clockwise lay and half of the lay going in an anti-clockwise direction. (Not sure if this was the same as the ‘swallows’ from last year?). I did examine the crop for nodal elongations and expulsion cavities but couldn’t see anything to mention. I was still so in awe of the intricacies of it to be too concerned with the science!

The Sextant
July 2, 2009  Wiltshire County, England – Below Milk Hill’s White Horse at 4:30 AM on Summer Solstice Sunday, June 21, 2009 there was a “circle and pattern” in the wheat field there.

The pattern had a teardrop-shaped center with a configuration of four connected circles on one side and five more circles of ascending diameters on arcing lines tethered back to the teardrop center. Then the next morning on June 22, 2009, a more complex addition had been added in the night.  Then five days later on Saturday, June 27, 2009, a third addition was reported. Lines of “alien symbols,” some matching Mayan numbers and characters, extended from the second addition making the wheat formation that evolved from June 21 to June 27, more than 800 feet long.

from doomdaily
PHASE 2 (June 23, 2009)
PHASE 3 (June 30, 2009)
PHASE 1 (June 21, 2009)
Image Jay Goldner

A new two-part crop picture at Milk Hill on June 21-22, 2009 has stunned the world, or at least that small part of it who are intelligent and open-minded enough to follow English crop pictures! What could it possibly mean?

Several readers have already made the following helpful suggestions (see milkhill3):

"It looks like a sextant used by the Navy for navigation at sea by the stars. It also seems to be pointing towards some specific planetary alignment" (Paul Anderson).

"The first thing I saw in that new Milk Hill crop formation was our planetary system" (Sascha Klein).

"It resembles a pair of compasses as an instrument used for measuring distance" (Mark Vidler).

"Its teardrop shape has been noted in other commentaries as signifying a solar storm. This new image speaks of what appears to be a technological relationship to such a storm" (Steve).

Part II of Milk Hill on June 22 also seems to show astronomical symbolism, and closely resembles an “orrery”, which is a traditional mechanical device used to illustrate planetary motions

This particular orrery seems to be based on the Earth-centred model favoured by Claudius Ptolemy in ancient Alexandria (150 AD), and taught throughout the Middle Ages, rather than the Sun-centred model introduced by Copernicus in 1540 AD. 
The Milk Hill "sextant" formation rested in the field after its first June 21
and June 22 evolving patterns were reported. Then on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, a third stage of the Milk Hill pattern was reported. Five lines of “alien symbols,” each line at least 700 feet long, were added as a Part 3 to the evolving and complicated pattern.
The window reflects the labyrinth in the floor of the cathedral. Both are mandalas and can be used to achieve a higher state of meditation. This can already occur by walking the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is reinforced by the window. Chartres is known to be the top in alchemy to transform humanity. When you walk the labyrinth in a certain way all the chakras will be activated. The window supports that and takes care of the transformation when you reach the centre of the labyrinth.

The glass of the window is produced by alchemists in the 11th century and until now we don’t know how that has been done. Nowadays we cannot reproduce this competence while no pigments were used to colour the glass but a fast condensating mix of metals.

The outer ring of  the window represent the 12 signs of the zodiac and through the labyrinth we can enter the centre of the universe where transformation will occur. The window is a physic determination of our universe and the labyrinth will show us the way.

Willem Witteveen

Such a formation is too complex to have been laid overnight by hoaxers:

a)  it would require marking out 48 “invisible” circles to construct the 12 viscera Pisces; b) it would require the similar marking out of a further 48 “invisible” circles to determine the centre points marked by the small circles surrounding the viscera Pisces in the formation; c) these latter “invisible” circles would have needed to be the starting point for the entire formation, since overall the diameter would have had to accommodate exactly 14 of them (even though they will never appear anywhere in the finished product).

The simplest way of creating the formation would be exactly as I have done here: create the diagram in full, and then simply remove from it all the components that are to be kept “secret”. Then from the Print Menu, select from the list of Options “Print to Selected Crop Field”.  Unfortunately since there is not, and never has been, such an advanced option (even in the latest version of Vista) one can only assume that it was “printed” to the field by a technology completely unknown to us!

Roger Wibberley
No one is talking anymore about "Doug and Dave" or "hoaxers". These are clearly messages from extra-terrestrials, meant for the whole population on Earth. Yet the newspapers and TV channels remain strangely silent. Why is that?
-- The CMM Research Group 

Windmill Hill
August 6, 2009
diagram by Adam Beamish
See Linda Moulton Howe's site earthfiles for a comparison of The Song of Quetzalcoatl and The Sextant

The number symbolism can be written in Mayan Toltzkin glyphs as 1 Reed and a prophecy associates Quetzalcoatl's return with 1 Reed.

Initially, in Phase 1, this formation was referred to as "The Sextant" because it looked like a sextant

In Phase 2, the formation evolved into different symbols. To Bert Janssen "The formation at Milk Hill looks very much like a kokopelli."

Phase 3 is something else altogether, a wonderous mystery with an apparent coded message
Spiritual Cinema Circle
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"The SETI question is over: They are here, and they are talking.
What can we do now to understand?” - Linda Moulton Howe