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 The Astrological Chronicles of Hollywood's Most Glamorous Couple
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 
Can you believe it? Her Mars squares his Mars, and they first became involved while filming the action thriller "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".
The Subtext in Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent

NewsScope; June 16, 2014; Last week Angelina Jolie co-hosted the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, and in a follow-up interview, described how she slipped 
Angelina Jolie’s Gemini Sun forms a perfect square to Black Moon Lilith (June 4, 1975; 9:09 am; Los Angeles, CA), a celestial set-up that naturally attunes her to the dark side of life. Her Lilith is in Pisces, the sign associated with faith and victimization. These themes have played large roles in her life, including her own double mastectomy to ward off breast cancer. She began this operation as transiting Lilith conjoined her Sun in January 2013.

Her role as Maleficent is similarly a passionate embrace of the dark side, and a re-defining of the evil character as depicted in the 1959 classic Snow White. The horned Maleficent is endowed with motherly love and fights those who claim to represent the “Light”. Her screen opponents are thinly disguised Crusaders who invoked Christ while destroying primitive cultures. Lilith in Pisces takes great pleasure in attacking hypocritical faiths.

Jolie’s Gemini Sun conjoins Juno, the marriage asteroid, so Lilith has a stressful influence over her partnership patterns. We recall that Jolie had little respect for Brad Pitt’s marriage with Jennifer Aniston, and now that she has him, she’s delaying his wish to get married. As Maleficent, she protects her forest with magic, another association of Black Moon Lilith. But her revenge for being betrayed by the king she trusted is hardly a feminist principle. This plotline reflects the uncertainty generated by her Juno-Lilith square.
her message about rape into the blockbuster film Maleficent. Jolie’s Maleficent is drugged by King Stefan who then cuts her wings off. “We were very conscious, the writer and I, that this was a metaphor for rape,” said Jolie.
Juno Visits Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 

NewsScope; April 16, 2012; Last week, Brad Pitt’s manager confirmed that Angelina Jolie was indeed wearing an engagement ring.
The astrological answer can be found in the activation of Juno, the marriage asteroid. Brad Pitt (December 18, 1963; 6:31 am; Shawnee, OK) was born with a Juno-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, a combination that places a premium on good sex before considering a serious commitment. Within 8 months, his progressed Midheaven will conjoin his Juno, which happens only once in a life time. Brad, who designed the ring, is obviously ready.
Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975; 9:09 am; Los Angeles, CA) was born with a Sun-Juno conjunction, which naturally leans toward marriage. Conversely, her several Aries placements and an unusually prominent Uranus (square Venus and the Ascendant, trioctile her Sun) keep her highly independent of social expectations. However, by secondary progression, her Juno is in the family sign of Cancer and being awakened by the current Uranus-Pluto transit. She admits she’s doing it for the kids.
In their composite chart, Juno in duty-conscious Virgo trines Saturn, a very traditional set-up that has kept their relationship solid for years. Juno also squares Neptune and opposes the Pisces Moon, which adds much secretiveness as well as uncertainty about the couple’s real status. Currently, transiting Neptune is activating the Moon-Juno opposition, creating hope for a glamorous wedding. The dazzling diamond ring is a clear manifestation of this Neptune factor in Brad’s chart and their composite Juno.
“It is a promise for the future and their kids are very happy,” said the rep. “There’s no date set at this time.” Why has the couple - who have been living together since filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005 - suddenly decided to consider a wedding? 
Jupiter Changes Angelina Jolie’s Life

NewsScope; May 20, 2014; Last Tuesday (May 14) in a New York Times op-ed piece*, Angelina Jolie revealed that she had undergone a double mastectomy to radically reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. Recent advances in reconstructive surgery have made this operation virtually undetectable, but she wanted to let women know what their options are, that it’s not easy, but that it can save your life. 
Ms. Jolie was born with Jupiter in pioneering Aries right on her Midheaven (June 4, 1975; 9:09 am; Los Angeles, CA), which is challenged by a square to Saturn. This configuration has made her a beacon of hope and optimism (Jupiter) in the face of adversity (Saturn). When she began the six weeks of surgery on February 2, 2013, transiting Pluto in the 6th house of health was squaring her natal Mars, which is a natural signature for radical surgery.

Also during the procedures, transiting Saturn was opposing her Ceres, and this heavy transit pinpointed the main reason for taking the elective surgery. Ceres represents her role as a mother and is also a symbol for her own mother, who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 56. She wanted to be around long-term for her own children, and Saturn presented her with the difficult options. 
During the surgeries, transiting Neptune was opposing her progressed Venus in the 2nd house of self-worth, which must have given rise to doubts about her femininity. But when she completed the surgeries in April, Jupiter was conjunct her Gemini Sun. Jupiter brought a philosophical, uplifting message: “I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.”
* See her op-ed piece here: my/medical/choice
Brangelina’s Wedding

NewsScope; Sept. 8, 2014; A reader asks, “I would love to hear your take about why they got married now and not earlier. Also would love to 
Angelina has been more ambivalent about marriage, as described last June. Presumably, your comment that the aspects on August 23 look not so great is because a Venus-Lilith conjunction squares a Mars-Saturn conjunction. And it’s true, this dynamic does describe a conflict between what he wants (Mars) and what she wants (Venus), and perhaps his push to get the deed done. However, Angelina’s progressed chart indicates that the timing is perfect.
First, her progressed Ascendant at 28º Leo is closely sextile natal Uranus in the partnership sign of Libra, representing a harmonious blending of their mutually independent identities. Then, her evolving status, shown by her progressed Midheaven, is at 25º Taurus and being perfectly trined by her progressed Moon (a reliable timer) at 25º Virgo. Note also that her progressed Mars at 8º Taurus was hit by the April 28 Solar Eclipse, which likely tells us how long they’ve been making arrangements. 
hear your take on their wedding day astrology - it looks not so great!” Brad has long pushed for their marriage, especially since his progressed Midheaven conjoined his natal Juno. Currently, his progressed Juno is conjunct Ceres, so he’s clearly doing it for the kids.
Of course, transiting Saturn is always a key timer in life’s big events, and in Angelina’s case, it was closely trine her natal Saturn in the 12th house of hidden affairs. Saturn is the ruler of her 7th house of partners, and she and Brad planned the secret ceremony together, away from the public spotlight. Curiously, both Brad and Angelina have a progressed Sun-Saturn conjunction coming simultaneously in about a year – both related to building a well-structured life path. The marriage is a first step in their long range plans.
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