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"And God said, 
Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the 
night; and let them be for signs... "
Genesis 1:14

"Events have a hidden design, a teaching function, and if we can grow because of what happens to us, we are fulfilling some greater spiritual or evolutionary design"
-- Liz Greene
The Horoscope in Manifestation

"In Jungian terms, the astrological evidence suggests that the collective unconscious is ultimately embedded in the macrocosm itself, with the planetary motions a synchronistic reflection of the unfolding archetypal dynamics of human experience.
"In Platonic terms, astrology affirms the existence of an anima mundi informing the cosmos, a world soul in which the human psyche participates as a microcosm of the whole."  
    -- Richard Tarnas 
         Cosmos and Psyche

"If the study of astrology and its deeper meanings can provide anything, it is a real confidence in one's authentic self, thus encouraging the ability to relax into an acceptance of one's true nature."
-- Stephen Arroyo
Person-to-Person Astrology
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General Interest
Front Page - blurbs and links to great astrology articles
Newcomers - newbies intro to books, planets, asteroids
Pope Benedict - retires unexpectedly, why? 
Maria Carey - joins the judges at American Idol
Steve Jobs - health issues, the iPhone, Apple, iPad
Progressions - what are they? Mariah Carey case study
Readings - from Neptune Cafe's resident astrologer 
Global Warming - EPA's chart, 2012's UR-PL, more
Women - are from Venus, men are from Mars; profiles
Earthquakes - astrology insights from four contributors
The Vatican's priests shown by a 12th house Mars
Dance - the astrology of Dancing with the Stars
Bio - for NC's resident astrologer and webdesigner
Keywords - for the planets by sign, house and aspect
Blogs, Contributors
NewsScope - Michael Wolfstar -
political commentary, celeb profile
Weekly Astrology - Divine Harmony day-by-day planetary aspects
Oxford Astrologer  -  Christina Rodenbeck - culture and society 

plus articles by 
Alex Miller    Neeti Ray
Lynn Hayes    Bill Herbst
Donna Cunningham     Celeste Teal
Richard Nolle   Glenn Perry
U.S. Horoscope
Scorpio Rising - Front Page for the U.S. Scorpio Rising pages, with in-depth articles and NewsScope links
Mars - the U.S. progressed Mars through history, and what it means that it's just turned retrograde
Eighth - the house of capitalism contains Uranus, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, their market sectors
Sirius - The natal Cancer Sun is closely aligned with the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius
Main - introductory essay on why the U.S. has Scorpio Rising and not Gemini or Sagittarius
MC - an old article on the U.S. Midheaven, includes presidential death cycle
Pluto - the U.S.'s ruling planet, what it's doing in the third house, and by transit
Moon - in Aquarius and the U.S. fourth house, governs the people and their needs
Scorpio - reviews, blurbs, links on Political Astrology -- the book by Michael O'Reilly
Top 5 celebrities of 2009
Brangelina    Dracula 
Harry Potter  Tiger Woods
Ingrid Betancourt
Madeleine McCann
Octomom   Paris Hilton Eva Longoria
Market - tracking the stock market with astrology  
WSJ - article on Ceres, with NewsScope prediction
Business - front page linking to articles, charts
Big Oil - article on the birth of the oil industry
Economy - tracking the credit crunch, Fed's chart
U.S. Politics
Obama - his prospects in 2012, natal chart, more
Obama's Horoscope - the real deal 
Hillary - her 8:02 am chart, asteroid connections
U.S. Presidents - article on shared signs and degrees
Democrats - horoscope and article on the political party
GOP - horoscope and article on this political party
Kennedy - article on this political clan, key horoscopes
American Politics - generic intro with links
NewsScope archives - from May 2009 through 2011
Asteroids, Centaurs, and
Trans-Neptunian Objects

Black Moon Lilith - powerful, under-rated, transformative, articles
Asteroids - front page intro, links to Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas
Juno - major article on this   relationship asteroid, Juno by sign
Ceres - full article on the mother-daughter asteroid, Ceres by sign
Asteroids - front page intro, links to Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas
Dwarf Planets - front page articles on Eris, Huamea, and Sedna
Vesta Profiles - celebrities with a prominent Vesta, by sign
Pallas Profiles - celebrities with prominent a Pallas, by sign
Vesta - articles on Hepburn and Tracy; pilot Chesley Sullenberger  
Juno-Pluto - in 2007 Juno to the U.S. Pluto made celebrities freak out 
Chiron in healers' charts: Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dalai Lama
Chiron - in political astrology, Iraq, Hugo Chavez, Gerald Ford
Chiron - in celebrity charts, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeve, more
Goddess Report - sample report on Angelina Jolie; ordering your own  
Ceres - could be called the Goddess of the Environment. 
Crop Circles
The Best Crop Circles 
from 2012

Crop Circle Pentagrams, Messages in 2010

The Best Crop Circles 
from late July 2010

The Best Crop Circles 
from August 2010

Quetzalcoatl and the Art of Crop Circles (2009)

The Astrology  of Crop Circles (2009)
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  Iran  Iraq  Lebanon  Syria 
 North Korea  Palestine
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