Israel's Taurus Sun shows the powerful drive for physical land and secure territory, and the Leo Moon near the Midheaven repeats the prominent security issues. However, the Taurus Sun is in the seventh house of Open Enemies, and Israel's status is an ongoing border problem with the Palestinians, and other neighboring descendants of the ancient patriarch Abraham. 

Israel has Scorpio Rising, the sign of re-birth, and Israel's Taurus Sun is opposed by Chiron in Scorpio. Chiron in Scorpio reflects the deep woundedness that comes from a long history of injustice, a description which can apply to the post-holocaust Jewish state, as well to the nations and peoples that Israel has constellated around its borders. 
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May 14, 1948

On the afternoon of May 14, 1948 Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion read Israel's Proclamation of Independence, recreating a Jewish nation for the first time since the destruction of Jerusalem nearly 2000 years earlier. At 4:37 pm EET (in Tel Aviv: 32N07 34E45), Ben-Gurion concluded "The state of Israel has arisen!" and the audience burst into spontaneous celebration and cheering. This historic moment represents the symbolic birth of Israel as a nation, and a horoscope can be drawn up just as for an individual. 
Israel's birth time of 4:37 pm puts the warrior sign of Scorpio on the Ascendant. How else could it survive when surrounded by sworn enemies? Here are some historical notes, plus a few articles from the NewsScope archives that reflect some historical turning points. ​Read about Israel's Pluto, Lilith, and ambitions for a greater Israel.
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Black Moon Lilith in Israel’s Chart

NewsScope; September 12, 2014; In esoteric Hebrew lore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Lilith claimed to be the equal of Adam, and wouldn’t submit to his authority. So she was banished to the Red Sea where she consorted with evil spirits. Adam finds solace with Eve, who was created from his rib. Astrologer Kelley Hunter* notes that "Lilith places a curse on anyone who would deny her presence and her validity."
The myth resonates strongly with Israel’s chart (May 14, 1948; 4:37 pm; Tel Aviv), where Black Moon Lilith is located at 22º Aquarius in the 4th house of the home. From this placement alone, we can get a feel for Israel’s unequivocal demand for an equal place among the Middle East nations, even though it’s surrounded by enemies. BML forms a tight square to Israel’s Taurus Sun, making the symbolic essence of Lilith an intrinsic part of the Israeli character.

Astronomically, BML is an invisible point within the Moon’s orbit (its apogee). Similarly, her metaphysical essence is always felt but never seen. Lilith’s themes of autonomy, exile, extremism, denial, regret and betrayal live with Israeli politics on a daily basis, especially regarding its relationship with Iran which has threatened its very existence. Israel’s BML opposes Mars and Saturn and squares Chiron, deeply intensifying the potential for violent interactions.

On September 19, Uranus and Pluto make their second of seven squares at 7º Aries and Capricorn. While Israel has no planets in this degree, Black Moon Lilith is located at the exact midpoint of this square, so it will be activated in a major way. Simultaneously, progressed Pluto squaring the Lunar Node axis (orb: 0º04’) is being activated by transiting Mars. Lilith’s symbolism suggests escalating tension between Iran and Israel over the coming week.

Israel Tempts Fate

NewsScope; Feb. 6, 2012; Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who is traveling with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, wrote a column last week that stunned many political analysts.
Israel’s horoscope (May 14, 1948; 4:37 pm; Tel Aviv) features Pluto in the 10th house square the Lunar Nodes, a powerful configuration that reflects its instinctive concerns about survival. Many traumatic or disastrous events occur when transiting Pluto squares the Lunar Nodes, or a natal Pluto-Lunar Node configuration is activated. What makes this line-up exceptionally alarming at this time is that Pluto has progressed into the exact square (orb 0º05’). 

Twice Israel has attacked the nuclear programs of hostile neighbors: Iraq on June 7, 1981 and Syria on September 6, 2007. During the 1981 incident, Israel’s progressed Vesta (signifying secret military ops) was precisely conjunct Pluto. The 2007 strike unfolded as Israel’s progressed Mars was closely octile natal Pluto while its progressed Moon in the 12th house of secret activity was sextile Pluto. 
Israel correctly calculated that there would be little or no backlash, and is hoping the same will be true this time. Currently, Israel’s progressed Moon is at 11º Sagittarius. Advancing at the rate of one degree per month, the progressed Moon will trine natal Pluto in March, and then the critical progressed Pluto on April 11. Meanwhile, the first of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto will take place in June, when it becomes increasingly likely that unintended consequences could lead to all-out war. 
 “Panetta believes there is strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June,” wrote Ignatius. Israel fears that Iran will soon enter “the zone of immunity”, when it has accumulated enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon.
There are more NewsScope articles on Israel going back to 1999, including analysis of Netanyahu's chart and the 2008 invasion of Gaza. Visit Israel
Greater Israel

NewsScope; March 15, 2010; Last Tuesday, Israel announced that it would build 1600 new homes in East Jerusalem, an area that the Palestinians see as their future capital. Vice President Biden, arriving to arrange peace talks, immediately condemned the project, saying it "undermined the trust required for productive negotiations." Prime Minister Netanyahu said the timing of the announcement was unfortunate, though he agreed with the construction plan.
The settlement expansion will continue unabated as transiting Mars moves through Israel's tenth house, the house of the nation's ruling political party.

Transiting Pluto opposing Israel's Venus describes a relentless drive for a Greater Israel. Venus in Cancer and in the ninth house refers to the "Promised Land" of Genesis (a religious view of the homeland). Netanyahu's Likud Party is the torchbearer for this belief, and thus encourages settlements outside Israel's recognized borders. Israel's Venus is under pressure from transiting Saturn in Libra, underscoring the diplomatic problems.

Biden wants to start peace talks in four months, but astrologically, this looks unworkable. Israel's progressed Mars is at 29º Virgo, perfectly in line with the next Saturn-Uranus opposition in April. This indicates an extremely confrontational political atmosphere shaping up in the Middle East. The Lunar Eclipse on June 26 lands right on Israel's Venus, pointing to some kind of explosive event in or regarding Greater Israel.
Israel's horoscope (May 14, 1948; 4:37 pm; Tel Aviv) gives us clues about what's happening. As the diplomatic snafu unfolded, Mars was turning direct very near Israel's Midheaven, and precisely square its Ascendant at 0º Scorpio. Mars angular like this represents an aggressive or self-assertive action, which the new settlements evoke. 
Israel’s Fully Engaged Pluto

NewsScope; August 4, 2014; Last Friday, an internationally brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas ended only two hours after it began. A look into Israel’s chart (May 14, 1948; 4:37 pm; Tel Aviv, Israel) informs us of what we might expect. 
The last Israeli attack on Gaza to root out Hamas militants began on December 27, 2008. The transits and progressions at that time verify Israel’s Ascendant at 1º Scorpio. The progressed Moon had just emerged from the 12th house and was conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant. A transiting Mars-Pluto conjunction was exactly sextile the Ascendant. This dynamic configuration is clearly associated with aggressive action. 

Currently, transiting Mars is conjunct Israel’s Scorpio Ascendant and transiting Jupiter is right on its Midheaven, which together, create a climate of military opportunism. The progressed Moon – always a reliable indicator of significant events – is now at 12º Capricorn where it forms an exact quincunx (150º) to natal Pluto, the ruler of Israel’s horoscope, and powerfully placed in the 10th house. Pluto here symbolizes Israel’s mission to control its own destiny as well as its willingness to take extreme measures to secure its survival.
As described two years ago, Israel’s progressed Pluto is squaring the fateful Lunar Node axis. Back then the orb was 0º05’, but now it’s 0º00’. Pluto-Lunar Node hits can bring terrible disasters in their wake, and we are now at the maximum voltage emanating from this major astro-event. The events in Gaza could rapidly spin out of control unless international diplomats pull the combatants apart and establish an enforceable cease-fire. However, with transiting Mars squaring all Israel’s 10th house planets over the coming month, that scenario doesn’t look likely.