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What clients have to say:

"I really want to thank you for the insight you gave me as it relates to my chart. Its really helping me to see my life differently at this point in my life now. Thanks so much. I'm letting other people know about your service."

"An unexpected thing has happened and it has made me reflect on your 
forecasting of the conjunction of my progressed Venus and my Sun....
This man really loves me and time was the test that proved it. I have been in love twice before, but nothing that had such a foundation and connection on so many levels."

"As you predicted, the tension has really dissipated. I'm sleeping like a baby again, and this is after struggling with insomnia for a year. I just finally decided that, for now, I will have to sleep alone... Thank you again for another astute reading of my situation."

"Wow! Michael, right on! Your insights have been INVALUABLE so far! You're amazing. Thanks, again." 

"Thank you for the clarification of my partnership issues. In fact I was just obsessing why I've been independent and alone/somewhat lonely most of my life. I had not digested that Vesta conjunct my Moon quincunx Mars/Mercury/Sun stellium would be such a large influence in my life."

"This is some powerful insight for me and makes me realize that I should relax about this while still being true to my well-being, as you say. It's very easy to only think about what I want and think I deserve and forget that lessons and higher plans are in the works." 

"Your analysis is very accurate and reads like the story of my life. It is somewhat comforting to understand the influence yet someone worrisome when there are aspects that I would prefer to change."

"You are correct that I have looked into meditation. I was studying mindfulness meditation and Buddhism.... It has been one of the keys with dealing with my anger over the past two years."

"It is good to hear that my chart supports a mate relationship with someone from a different culture. I have always told myself that it would be too much work. At this point, I am feeling more optimistic about it all."

"Again, thank you for such an in-depth and useful reading. It is the first time that I have had a reading and felt complete after it. What I mean is that I do not have lingering questions. I feel I understand and that I am ready to move forward. I want to acknowledge your excellence and I wish you the best." 

"Thank you for such a splendid analysis of my chart and those who are involved with me......You have such a big picture view and a remarkable ability to communicate your knowledge. I especially enjoyed your analysis of Chiron and the other asteroids.  Not many people understand them."
General Readings

Why get an astrology reading or consultation? The natal horoscope offers a unique roadmap toward personal fulfillment and cycles of development. With a better understanding of your chart's natal patterns -- its primary dynamics, challenges and special gifts -- you'll have a better chance of finding the right path in whatever concerns you most as the planetary cycles unfold.

Astrology readings can be conducted through email, phone, or via SkypeTopics may cover romantic relationships, psychological or spiritual issues, career, health, relocation, parent-child relations, and personal finances. Our interaction will include as much astrologese as you're comfortable with, though major outer planet transits to natal dynamics are generally discussed. I also emphasize secondary progressions.

As a professional astrologer for the last twenty years, I've found a number of useful, holisitic techniques for chart interpretation, gleaned from my library of over 400 astrology texts. Two analytical tools that I find particularly helpful, and that not a lot of astrologers are using yet, are asteroids and the lunar nodes. Asteroids are feminine archetypes, and especially useful in determining relationship dynamics. The lunar nodes offer a practical expression of esoteric astrology, and clearly illuminate one's path toward the "higher self" by offering a deeper sense of personal fulfillment. 
Address: Please send checks and written correspondence to me at:

Michael O'Reilly
PO Box 745
Bend, OR 97709

Be sure to include:

1. your birth data (time, date, and place)
2. a check or money order (sorry, not taking credit cards        at the moment)
3. your email address
4. any additional personal information that would be relevant to your questions. 

Then once this arrives, we can set up an appointment.

Any questions? email me: 
       Links:   Michael O'Reilly, bio
        Sample Asteroid Report
          Sample Natal Report
    Political Astrology, the book
Communications Channel

In email interchange, we have a record of our interaction and more time to think about correspondences. These can be facilitated with a follow-up phone conversation, or phone conversations can be the entire consultation (your choice). Those who live outside the U.S. can talk direct through Skype, a freeware program which connects any two people or group from around the global village. 

If you're in my home town of Bend, Oregon, we can meet in my office. The session is taped, and you'll get the charts and a more comprehensive reading. Cost is $175. Updates for returning clients are $150.

Birth Data

Let me know what you're interested in, and we can proceed from there. Once we've settled on a fee and a communications channel, then I'll need your exact birth data. This includes date, time, and place of birth. Birth times are usually found on your birth certificate. If you don't have a copy of this, you may obtain one from the hospital where you were born for a nominal fee, usually between $5 and $15. 
Natal and Asteroid Reports 

Comprehensive natal interpretations reports can be emailed to you individually, or in tandem with personal readings. These reports discuss the traditional planets in their respective signs, houses, and in aspect to each other, along with the Ascendant and Midheaven. They run about 35-40 pages long, and the cost is $25. For a sample professional natal report, here's a look at Tiger Woods' Natal Report

I've found that asteroids, especially the first 
four (Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas), offer much more interpretive and forecasting information than is available by using the traditional planets. Asteroids are particularly important in relationship issues. You may request an Asteroid Reportwhich is about 
40-45 pages long, and follow-up discussion to tie them altogether with your current situation. 
The reports can be purchased individually for $25. Click here for a sample report on
Angelina Jolie.

If you don't know what time you were born, chart rectification is possible and costs $100 to $200, depending on the range of possible birth times. You provide a brief list of important dates in your life, and the transits and progressions during these events will help locate your Ascendant and Midheaven, which gives the birth time.

One client, with an extensive astrology background, was having some problems with rectifying her own chart. We shifted the house system from Koch to Placidus, and then when we found the right birth time, everything fell into place. She writes:

"Yippee!!!!  I'm over the MOON with this!  You found the answer to many long tedious years of searching.  You'll never know how many nights I spent constructing charts the old way with logs!!!  I have a file cabinet full of yellowed work, natal, progressed for events, tertiary (I forget how to do that one, but have Edward Lyndoe's book), transits, solar returns, etc."
Cost and Payment

The cost for personal readings or consultations depends on what you're asking. A single question or issue is $100. The more complex discussions, such as natal interpretations, forecasts, and chart comparison go for $150 to $250. A Natal and Asteroid Report is free when bundled with a personal reading. Student and low-income discounts are available upon request.

You may pay by check or money order via snail mail to my address cited below, or via PayPal.  PayPal is quicker, and if you prefer this route, just email me, and I'll send you a PayPal money request once we've settled on an amount. 
Michael O'Reilly is NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer and author of Political AstrologyHe writes the weekly NewsScope column, regular feature articles for Dell Horoscope magazine, and has an international clientele....        more bio
ACG Maps and Relocation Charts

Many astrologers offer ACG maps as a way of finding the best place for you to live. What they don't tell you, and perhaps don't know, is that the ACG map is a primitive tool for knowing the astrological influences at a particular location.

Your natal horoscope relocated to a place of interest tells you planets that are near the four angles (as the ACG map does), as well as planets AND asteroids that are aspecting the four angles (which ACG maps don't do). 

Also, the relocated horoscope can be progressed to put the most prominent influences in time. To compare ACG maps and relocated charts, read the material on Obama's ACG maps and relocated charts
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