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Professional Natal Report
The Main Emphasis in Your Chart
The general distribution of planets around you at your birth is one of the things that shows the overall shape of your personality. Before taking a closer look at the details, let’s stand back for a moment to see whether your chart contains any obvious emphasis in a sign, group of signs, or other division of the horoscope wheel.

Most planets are in the eastern half of the chart.
You prefer to be in charge of your own destiny, rather than following someone else's dreams, adventures, projects or proposals. This tends to make you an outgoing, active person, in charge of your affairs. Independent and outwardly directed, you are conscious of the direction in which you lead your life. An entrepreneurial pursuit of some type will find you at your best. You need followers to help you, so be sure that you attract those who are willing to follow your vision. Be clear, however, as to who is in charge. Joining forces with someone as strong-minded as you may cause the kind of stress that will distract you from your goals. Make all possible allowances for practicality; and then go ahead and pursue your vision.

Most planets are below the horizon.
Your personal sense of identity is very important to you. Who you are and where you have come from are constant sources of interest to you. Your understanding of your cultural heritage and family roots will help you to determine your direction and goals in life. You feel that answers to important questions can best be found within, rather than in the outer world or in a relationship. Self-awareness and self-composure allow you to be self-assured in your career and relationships.

Most planets are in the western half of the chart.
You love interacting with others, and delight in experiencing life in a social setting. The challenge of working out the intricacies and problems posed in relationships gives you a feeling of enormous satisfaction, especially when things work out in a positive manner. To be sure, seeing life through the eyes of others is a rare gift. Just take care that someone else’s personality does not dominate you in such a way that you cannot grow and express your own self.

There are many planets in Earth signs
Having so very many planets in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you tend to be the soul of practicality and pragmatism. You prefer to deal with tangible things that you can touch, see or hear, and like to live in a world where things are measurable and there are no abstractions. You also like to work with the present moment, the here and now, especially if it creates a lasting outcome or is connected to a past. You may have to guard against a tendency to be overly conservative, cautious or narrow-minded.

Stability is your great strength. You can be counted on when things get crazy around you, because you generally don’t engage in knee-jerk reactions. Instead, you prefer to allow things to happen, and then you react in your own time. You initiate matters only when they aren’t proceeding in the direction that you expect. Because you tend to be passive, you need external stimuli to get you going.
Very fertile, you enjoy producing things of substance, from children to business reports. You are not, however, overly nurturing. You generally prepare the ground, plant the seeds and then walk away until harvest time. If the seed needs continual care and attention to grow to its fullest potential, you may or may not intervene. If you do offer assistance, it tends to be for the material, rather than the emotional, needs of whatever you are nurturing.

There are many planets in Mutable signs.
Your chart’s strong emphasis in signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces makes you tend to be extremely flexible. When the situation demands that you change in order to move forward, you can adapt and transform yourself with ease. You are not necessarily the pioneering type, but if change must happen, it is natural for you to glide along with the flow. At times, though, you feel that you are at the mercy of forces beyond your control, and are constantly being blown from pole to pole. This may make you feel nervous and anxious, but like everything else in your life, this, too, will pass.

Your Major Challenges
We start with your conjunctions, oppositions and squares because these tend to point out the challenges that you have been set in life. Mose people experience these aspects as problems, at least at first. Armed with awareness, however, you can come to view these so-called “ hard” aspects as the blessings that they really are. These are the forces that spur you forward. When you face the challenges that these aspects pose, you grow in strength, confidence, wisdom and maturity.

Sun square Pluto
You have enough charisma, will and ambition to become a presidential candidate or, at the very least, a leader in your chosen line of endeavor. The danger is that you tend to use and manipulate others to get what you want. Sometimes, you get away with it. At other times, you may find that you’ve stepped on the toes of someone even more powerful than you, and just as you’re about to reach your long-sought goal, your hopes are dashed. Only then are you open to learning the lessons of tact and humility. It may be too late to save the situation this time around, but if you can learn to respect the rights of others, you will eventually be unstoppable.

Moon opposite Mars
Your low flash point allows you to anger easily, and you often act and react to situations so suddenly and unthinkingly that others become nervous just being around you. You take such strong stands and are so argumentative that you are likely to attract only those who are as aggressive and dogmatic as yourself. Others who have more balanced views may make themselves scarce rather than deal with your irritability and overabundant energy. Learning to harness this raw gift of energy is your lifelong task. Possible outlets include sports and other vigorous activities that are kept in check by rules. Martial arts may be a way for you to tame these energies and turn them into a real force for good.

Moon square Ascendant.
Even though you are sympathetic of the needs of others and usually show it, you have a bad habit of making excessive emotional demands on them. You seem to want more in return than you are willing to give. This can manifest as possessiveness and jealousy. Learn to let others, even those very close to you, grow and develop on their own, in spite of your best intentions. If you are emotionally insecure yourself, you may have a tendency to want to withdraw from emotional interactions. Don’t be afraid — people will usually respect and love you just as you are.

Moon conjunct Imum Coeli
Your early formative years have had an enormous influence on your development into adulthood. Your mother, your family, and your family’s roots, tradition and cultural ties all provide you with the support mechanism necessary for you to feel comfortable and at ease. It is important that these early experiences were positive because the habits and customs learned then will be carried on unconsciously throughout your life.

Mercury opposite Saturn
You have a continuing fear that whatever you decide is either incorrect or inappropriate to the situation. You are driven by such high and narrow standards of appropriate behavior that very often you are immobilized by the seemingly bewildering array of options available to you. Learn to widen your horizons and allow for alternative ways of acting, even though such ways may seem foreign to you. This will relieve your continuing sense that life is oppressive and difficult.

Mercury square Chiron
At times painfully shy, you find it hard to communicate clearly. Of course, this does not help lift your self- esteem or give you confidence in your ability to express your opinions. Assertiveness training could help you overcome the fear of criticism. You may not easily express yourself verbally, but your emotions often speak louder than words. Extremely intuitive and attuned to the way people think, you are able to identify with their thoughts, wants and needs. This makes you an excellent psychologist, counselor or friend.

Mars opposite Neptune
You have a delicate and fragile faith that your inner visions of truth, beauty and nobility of purpose are shared and practiced by everyone else. But others rarely can meet these high standards. When they show their fallibility, you become easily discouraged and develop a defeatist attitude. This makes you want to retreat and escape even further. Try to lower your expectations and be a bit more reasonable. Above all, avoid experimenting with drugs or alcohol. You have a slender enough grasp on reality without them.

Mars conjunct Midheaven
You are very aware of yourself and what you need to accomplish in order to attain your life goals. Extremely self-confident, you are not afraid to make decisions, especially if they affect you directly. You are so independent that you may find it difficult to work well as a member of a team — and you also may be unable to delegate authority, preferring to do everything yourself. This, of course, can cause you to overextend yourself, so you must be sure that you properly marshal your energies lest you suddenly “run out of gas.”

Jupiter opposite Pluto
You have big plans to get ahead and make your mark in the world. You want to grow and evolve, but others seem to keep standing in your way and blocking you. The reason is that they see you as a threat, because, in spite of your best intentions, you tend to be indifferent to the needs of others unless they exactly match your own. You tend to move through life like a bulldozer, knocking over whatever is in your path. You must learn to be more scrupulous and fair in your dealings. Then you will find others being cooperative rather than obstructive.

Saturn square Uranus
The atmosphere around you is usually so filled with tension that it is almost palpable. Generally, you can handle it as well as might be expected, but very often things get out of hand. You may become temperamental and irascible when you have problems with those in authority. You are aware of the need to do the right thing, but you are often rebellious. Sometimes this is with good reason, other times not. Learn to enjoy the rare times of peace and quiet and, when it all gets to be too much, try a change of scenery to refresh your spirits.

Your Sustaining Strengths
Trines and sextiles tend to work with a natural harmony that calls for little effort on your part. They show the things that you just seem naturally good at. Usually they point to the more positive parts of your nature, and act as support that you can call on in difficult times.

Because these aspects are so comfortable, they are not likely to push you to expand your limits or cause you to change. It is actually helpful to have a balance of hard aspects (like oppositions and squares) to stimulate you to grow, and soft aspects (trines and sextiles) to ease your passage and provide places to rest.

If you are blessed with a predominance of trines and sextiles, your life may tend to be placid and your nature serene. If so, remember that the world around you is probably sorely in need of these qualities that are yours to bestow.

Sun sextile Uranus
Your free-spirited, innovative approach to doing things lets you shine in situations that demand creativity and new input. You despise being in stagnant situations and will be the one to stir things up if you begin to feel at all restricted or bored. Your continual search for fresh and stimulating experiences may force you into a rather unsettled lifestyle, but you probably won’t mind.

Moon trine Chiron
Soft-spoken, gentle and loving, you have great ideas for beautifying the environment and keeping your neighborhood safe and clean. Your idea of fun consists of entertaining friends at home rather than spending a night on the town. Shy and reserved, you are at your best when sharing quiet moments with your family and a few close friends. You came from a loving home, and your mother probably doted on her children.

Mercury sextile Venus
You have a keen sense of proportion and balance. This is why you are so diplomatic in speech and manner. You prefer things to move smoothly and will take the necessary steps to see that they do. Once you have focused on an object of affection, you have the ability clearly (and seductively) to express yourself to the lucky person. You are also gifted aesthetically and can communicate your ideas easily through writing, arts or crafts.

Mercury trine Ascendant
Your active mind works best when it is sharing ideas with others. As such, you would be very comfortable in the role of student or teacher. You enjoy displaying your intelligence to others, and you respect others who can stimulate you. Friends and acquaintances are very important to you, because in order to feel that you are growing as an individual you need their cross-fertilization on the intellectual level. Watch out, however, for your tendency to want to fill up pauses in conversations with the noise of your own voice. It’s all right to be quiet and meditative once in a while.

Venus trine Saturn
Restrained and cautious in giving and receiving affection, at times you are so shy that you would rather not interact at all. It is difficult for you to make a commitment to another because you are so aware of the duties and obligations that will be necessary. Try to relax more — “fun” is not a dirty word. Friendships once made will last the test of time because your loyalty will prove to be constant and true.

Venus sextile Ascendant
You are charming and graceful and others are attracted to you. Your popularity is assured because you really DO care for others. You want to make them comfortable and relaxed and you go out of your way to see that this happens. Your presence at any social occasion produces a very soothing, quieting effect. You have the ability to disperse tension and make all about you harmonious — the gift of the peacemaker.

Mars sextile Jupiter
Your exuberant spirit and constant optimism make you a very effective person. When you decide to do something, you have the required energy, will and sense of good timing to pull it off. Whatever other failings you might have, your ability to work vigorously on your own behalf — and the sense that what you are doing is the proper thing — will see you through almost any crisis.

Mars trine Pluto
You love a challenge. The worst thing opponents can say to you is that they are unbeatable or that something is impossible. For you, the difficult is routine, and the impossible just takes a little longer. You have the ability to focus your considerable energies on the job at hand, and you relentlessly pursue your goals. You are so success-driven that at times you will do anything, even to the extent of using brutal or underhanded tactics, to get what you want. To get the respect that you desire, you may need to learn some tact and self-control.

Jupiter trine Neptune
You are full of big ideas about how to make things better for yourself and for those you love. Unless you also have a strongly practical streak, these plans rarely amount to anything. However, that never stops you from dreaming on. The problem is that you are so inclined to totally believe in your grand schemes that you often take unwise risks, and have a hard time learning from your mistakes. Remember never to bet the mortgage, no matter what.

Neptune sextile Pluto
You, and society as a whole, are witnessing a gradual spiritual transformation that affects everything that you encounter. A solid foundation for protecting the rights of individuals (and especially the underprivileged) was being laid in the era when you were born, so that those in the future will have an equal opportunity to grow, evolve and gain greater understanding.

Chiron sextile Midheaven
Being recognized by your peers for professional achievements is one of the driving forces of your life. To your credit, you learned the right formula for balancing your private activities with your career. You are flexible and may try different employment situations before finally finding the one that appeals to you. It may take some time to find the most suitable path, but once you do, you will forge ahead and make your mark on the world.

Rounding Out the Picture
Two other families of so-called “minor” aspects add yet more information about the way the planets relate to each other in your chart. Semisquares and sesquares (also known as sesquiquadrates) share the dynamic, crisis-prone nature of the square but need to be quite exact in order to be felt.

Semisextiles and quincunxes connect signs that are totally unrelated to each other. They can have an odd, unsettling quality, indicating problems or issues that it’s hard to get a grip on. They are like interesting puzzles that call for a creative solution.

Moon semisquare Uranus
You have a unique and independent attitude toward life. You are so demanding of your right to remain free and unencumbered that you will prefer to push people away from you rather than make any emotional commitments. Whenever you feel threatened in an emotional situation, your usual reaction is to make some sort of sudden and unplanned emotional outburst that has as its effect the distancing of you from the potential entrapment. This can make you feel like a rolling stone at times, but you probably don’t mind — and anyway, you enjoy all the unplanned and unusual emotional situations that you encounter.

Mercury semisquare Neptune
You have a vivid imagination. Your inner visions are so compelling that you can find it difficult to separate them from the real world outside. The most positive use of this trait is when you attempt to convey these ideas to others through an artistic medium. In ordinary discourse, beware of a strong temptation to embroider the truth with your imaginings. Others may not understand your usually noble motivations, and may just consider you a liar.

Venus sesquare Jupiter
You have such a warm and loving nature that others are attracted to you. Your popularity assures that you are well provided for, perhaps too much so. At times, you are overly self-indulgent and lazy, thinking that everything should come to you by right and that you do not have to work for anything. Unless you are blessed with inherited wealth, you may find that this is not the case and that you will have to find the self- discipline necessary to motivate yourself to get your life moving.

Venus semisquare Pluto
For you, relationships must be full of tension and crises. You need the sense of imminent danger that comes from pushing yourself and your beloved into situations where choices must be made. Thus, you constantly challenge your beloved’s loyalty and become very jealous, possessive and manipulative. It is your hope that, by doing this, you will allow the both of you to experience each other at ever more intense levels. But be careful — unless your partner is also willing to play these games, you will either push him or her away from you or the relationship may turn into a pitched battlefield.

This Report is 40 pages long. The above is just the introduction. Here's a few excerpts from the rest:

Pluto in the First
You have a personality that is known for its intensity — you tend to take life very seriously. When you have focused on a goal (or an object or a person), you pursue it with such total commitment and all- encompassing dedication that you make others who are less committed than you uneasy (and even fearful). You love to push things to their limit — you are happy when living at the cutting edge of life. You are a powerful and charismatic person and you may have to be careful not to abuse the power that you do have.

Sun in the Fourth
Security, warmth and your home are very important in your life. You need to know that you have a safe place of refuge where you can be comforted and protected. If you feel that your environment (especially your family) is supportive of you, you too can be supportive and protective and mothering toward others. Quiet and retiring by nature, you have thought long and hard about who you are and what your good and bad qualities are. You tend to judge yourself according to your own inner light.

Sun in Capricorn
Extremely serious and mature, you are capable of accepting responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect you to be dutiful as a matter of course. You may get angry when people are rewarded after not having worked nearly as hard as you have. Goal-oriented and an achiever, you are justifiably proud of the tangible results of your efforts. You are not a fast worker, but you are thorough, and you are known for being unusually persistent, tireless and tenacious in reaching your goals. When you’re working, you tend to have a kind of tunnel vision that allows you to block out extraneous matters that would distract others. Your power to concentrate totally on the matter at hand enables you to be practical and efficient at managing and structuring complex, ongoing projects.

House 7: Relating One-to-One
If you courted in the fifth house and woke up in the sixth yoked to another in a daily routine, the seventh house gives you a chance to hammer out a relationship of true equals. The goal is wedded bliss and a true sense of relatedness, but along the way there may be fights as you each define your individuality and establish your own territory. Not only is the seventh the traditional house of marriage, it is also the house of open enemies, your sparring partners in life. In general, since the first house is you yourself, the seventh house, directly opposite, is the other person in a variety of situations. Besides signifying a marriage or sparring partner, the seventh house rules business partners, or those on the other side of a desk, such as consultants, lawyers, therapists or astrologers.

Pisces on the Seventh
You are so fussy and choosy and supercritical about yourself and about those with whom you decide to associate that often you will prefer to stay alone rather than risk aligning yourself with anyone who might have a few flaws. You seek perfection and, once found, you tend to idolize, worship and serve the beloved. Often you are attracted to those who actually do have significant flaws, but you think that you can ease their burdens and help them attain the high goals you think they should be shooting for. This often leads to relationships based on profound inequalities, which is perfectly all right as long as you have consciously chosen to get so involved. It becomes quite another matter, however, when deception is at its base and one of you is merely taking the other for a ride.

Jupiter in the Seventh
Relationships (both business and personal) are necessary for you in order to understand the world around you. You need the counterpoint of a partner in order to become exposed to new experiences. When you are left to depend solely on yourself, you tend to withdraw and feel lost and lonely. You are most comfortable with partners who are older or more established than you. You make an effective team player, and, once you have become committed to a person or cause, your balanced and reasonable way of doing things allows you to cooperate easily with others.;

Jupiter in Aries
The way that you grow and develop is by being an uncompromising individualist. You have a great need to be yourself and to explore your latent talents and abilities. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and develop self-confidence and pride in your accomplishments. But try not to become so self-centered that you ignore the needs of others. Also, you may have to build up your self-discipline in order to focus your energies properly.

Aries on the Eighth
Very competitive when it comes to sexual matters, you enjoy being the aggressor and are very proud of your conquests. You love a challenge and are not afraid to confront your partner and push him or her into exploring the more dangerous and mysterious and highly personal areas of his or her psyche. This type of activity can lead to many crises in relationships, but you do not mind, because you are willing to take risks even if it might mean the end of the relationship. You also have the take-charge ability to be able to handle the property of others. Your fearless approach to investing usually keeps you ahead financially — you will always take advantage of any opening that you come across.

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