Most Americans felt the influence of Juno to Pluto through a phenomenon called "Girls Gone Wild", as Newsweek's February 12 cover story portrayed it. The article decried the influence that young, beautiful, and rich celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have on America's youth. However, it appeared just before Juno turned retrograde, and then suddenly a bald Britney didn't seem so appealing.

Juno, the Queen of the Goddesses, carries a clear and poignant message, especially when accented by an aspect from Pluto. Over the last few weeks, Juno's transit through the U.S. twelfth house of self-undoing manifested in the self-destructive behavior of queenly stars like Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, as well as astronaut Lisa Nowak. Pluto's challenging influence represents a kind of psychological collapse, a breakdown.

Each of these three celebrities had major Juno-Pluto connections. Transiting Juno was conjunct Britney's Pluto, while her progressed Ascendant was (and is) conjunct Pluto. Anna Nicole was experiencing a Juno Return, while transiting Pluto was squaring her Uranus. Lisa Nowak's natal Juno-Pluto conjunction was activated by an opposition from transiting Uranus. Astrologers who don't use Juno are missing a revealing feminine archetype.
Britney Spears Freaks Out
NewsScope February 19, 2007

Since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline on November 8, Britney Spears has exhibited some bizarre behavior, but perhaps the most outlandish was last Friday when she shaved her own head completely bald. Witnesses at the hair salon said she kept saying she was sick of people touching her and was at times crying incoherently. She then went to get some tattoos.

Britney Spears' chart (December 2, 1981; 1:30 am; McComb, MS) was hit hard last week by Mercury, which turned retrograde while squaring her Sagittarius Sun. Mercury in Pisces is known for some flaky thinking patterns, which can become exaggerated when Mercury heads backwards. Britney's Sun is found in the third house of mental attitude, which also holds an eccentric Mercury-Uranus conjunction.

With beneficial, expansive Jupiter currently transiting through Sagittarius, one might expect that Britney should be reaping all kinds of good fortune. However, too much freedom allows her most anti-social behavior free expression. Britney's divorce papers were filed as transiting Uranus was exactly squaring her Sun, unleashing her most radical, shocking impulses long repressed by her Venus in restrictive Capricorn and its square to responsible Saturn.

All the expectations, the "should"s, "got-to"s, and "have-to"s represented by Saturn kept Britney inside a well-orchestrated model of perfection, which began with her days at the Mickey Mouse Club. Above all else, Sagittarians yearn for freedom -- even if it means disappointing the millions of fans. While many would say she's breaking down, another perspective is that she's breaking out, escaping. However, over the next two months, Saturn will octile her Ascendant, and we can expect that she will enter rehab for an extended stay.
Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe
NewsScope, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith most likely died of a drug overdose when she collapsed last Thursday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Miami, Florida. Her recent television interviews showed the tell-tale signs of slurred speech and eyes at half-mast. Like her role model Marilyn Monroe, who also died in her late 30s of a drug overdose, Anna leaves behind her a legacy of tragedy, mystery, and fascination.

Anna (November 28, 1967; Austin, TX; time unknown) died as the transiting alignment between the Sun, Neptune, and Saturn were all squaring her own Mercury-Neptune conjunction  a sure signature of drug abuse. Also, this configuration describes the evasiveness and plotting about getting a paternity test for her newborn baby. The biological father stands to get a financial windfall following the Supreme Court decision last June**.

In a woman's chart, Mars often represents the man or men in her life. At the time of her death, transiting Juno, the marriage asteroid, was exactly squaring her Mars and conjunct her karmic south node. Juno is extra powerful here since this asteroid is about to turn retrograde, just as the entire fiasco concerning her sexual partnerships heads to the courts.

Both Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926; 9:30 am; Los Angeles) and Anna Nicole Smith had close links between their natal Pluto and the male planets in the U.S. horoscope, accounting for their iconic status as sex symbols. Marilyn's Pluto was conjunct the U.S. Sun, while Anna's Pluto was square the U.S. Mars. The closest connection between Anna's and Marilyn's charts was Uranus opposite Uranus. Anna died as transiting Pluto was exactly squaring her Uranus (unexpected ending), cosmically connecting her to the Marilyn mythology.
Lisa Nowak's Psychological Profile
NewsScope, February 12, 2007

NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak's bizarre escapade  her 900-mile drive from Houston to Orlando to forcefully resolve a romantic triangle  landed her on front pages across the nation. For the first time in months, a news story captured more public attention than the quagmire in Iraq, as transiting Juno, the partnership asteroid, headed into an exact square with the U.S. Pluto.

Under stress, Juno-Pluto contacts can have a compulsive or obsessive quality when it comes to relationships. Lisa Nowak (May 10, 1963; Washington DC; time unknown) was born with a Juno-Pluto conjunction, so her chart resonates with the current Juno transit to the U.S. Pluto. Two weeks earlier, she separated from her long-time husband, as transiting Uranus opposed her Juno.

Lisa Nowak's Taurus Sun opposes Neptune, and squares Mars on one side and Saturn on the other, making a dynamic Grand Cross. At its best, this configuration gives her vision, determination, and an incredible competitive edge. However, her Mars forms a trine to Venus, which in turn is sextile Saturn. Whenever the love planets Venus and Mars are entangled with an outer planet, romantic triangles become likely.

The closest aspects in Lisa's chart are the aspects Mars makes to her Sun and Venus, with all three planets located at 19 degrees of their respective signs. Last week, when she began her odyssey, transiting Neptune was at 19 degrees, and was then activated by the transiting Sun's conjunction. NASA officials are questioning their psychological profiling techniques, and wondering what they can learn from this incident. Maybe they should try astrology!.
Juno Gone Wild
During the entire month of February 2007, the asteroid Juno was a powerful influence in shaping personal and transpersonal events. Juno turned stationary in preparation for its regrograde phase, making the partnership asteroid an extra strong influence. Magnifying Juno's influence in American lives was that it was turning direct while exactly squaring the U.S. Pluto from the twelfth house of secrets, "self-undoing" and subconscious psychological influences. 
Juno is also known as the Storm Goddess, and curiously, as Juno turned retrograde and squared the U.S Pluto, a terrific snowstorm blanketed the country from the Midwest to the Northeast. The affected area began under the U.S. Pluto line, and was carried eastward by the prevailing winds.
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In the geopolitical realm, Juno had its influence felt in the breakthrough deal with North Korea on February 20, which combined U.S. geopolitical influence (Pluto) with several regional partners (Juno). Also, Tony Blair's withdrawal of troops from Iraq was another change in partnership status, though this one contrary to the Bush administration's goals.
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