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Mariah Carey, America's Favorite Diva
on this page... Mariah's horoscope has several unique elements which contribute to her enduring fame and celebrity status. The material on this page is excerpted from the April 2013 issue of Dell Horoscope
Mariah Carey's Natal Dynamics

One outer planet combination repeatedly crops up when an actor or musician suddenly vaults into the national spotlight, and that’s Jupiter and Uranus.

Mariah Carey was born with a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 1º Libra, a placement which is well-integrated with the rest of her chart. This Jupiter-Uranus opposes her Aries Sun, giving her the innate understanding that following her life path might very well lead to fame and recognition. Jupiter-Uranus is trioctile (135º) her Taurus Ascendant, so that she enjoys projecting herself with all the shimmering enthusiasm that astrologers associate with this planetary pair.

Ceres is conjunct her Midheaven, where it dominates the chart by its elevation and angularity. Once known as an asteroid but now in the same “dwarf planet” class as Pluto, Ceres is an important archetype in the astrologer’s interpretation set. Among Ceres’s associations is the parent-child relationship, and since Mariah’s Ceres is in the 10th house of parents, it tells us how relevant one of her parents were to her as a professional influence. And as a biographical article from Rolling Stone magazine infers, that was her mother, an opera singer herself. Ceres is trine Mariah’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which perfectly fits her mother’s wish that Mariah would be a star.

Since Mariah’s Aries Sun conjoins Chiron and resides in the 12th house, we might readily see this as a wounded personality, someone who feels like an outsider, like she just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the world. Mariah’s father was of African-American and African-Venezuelan descent, and her mother is an Irish-American. Her parents eloped shortly after they met, and then Mariah’s mother’s family disowned her for marrying a man of color.

Later in her life, Mariah expressed how this had made an impression on her: “So later I was like, ‘Well, where does this leave me? Am I a bad person?’ You know. It’s still not that common to be a multi-racial person, but I’m happy with the combination of the things that I am.”

In Mariah’s horoscope, Mars in Sagittarius resonates with her father being partially Venezuelan. Mars here is exactly octile the Midheaven (trioctile the nadir), so that it imparts a definite sense of conflict in her early family life. Growing up in a New York suburb was difficult because of her mixed heritage, and a real strain on her parents, who divorced when she was four years old. This is the first real transitional moment in her life.

Around this time, Mariah also demonstrated a prodigious talent for opera. Chris Nickson in his book, “Mariah Carey Revisited”, tells the story of how Patricia (Mariah’s mother) discovered that her daughter had inherited her singing talent. Patricia was rehearsing at home for her debut as Maddalena in the Verdi opera Rigoletto. “I missed my cue”, Patricia explained, “but Mariah didn’t. She sang it – in Italian — at exactly the right point. She wasn’t yet three.”
All four of the major asteroids are prominently placed in Mariah’s chart. These feminine archetypes help women achieve power, justice, recognition and equality in society. Three of the asteroids are in ambitious Capricorn, where they bestow a practical and healthy common sense. Already mentioned is Ceres, which conjoins her Midheaven. She also has a Juno-Pallas conjunction in Capricorn. These two asteroids square her Sun and trine her Ascendant, which makes them an integral part of her life path.

In the corporate sign of Capricorn, Pallas becomes her Inner Strategist, allowing her to evaluate business opportunities in a clear way. Pallas quickly tells her what is feasible and what is not, and often recognizes inroads that others would miss. The square to her Sun has a downside, and that is trying too hard to please others, but it helps soften the Aries independence, allowing her to collaborate with other artists, songwriters and producers.

Juno is associated with marriage and loyalty in business partnerships. Juno in Capricorn believes in the institution of marriage, and often weds for position or to help advance her career. Juno here goes a long way in stabilizing her relationships. Otherwise, due to her Aries Sun opposite Uranus, partnerships of all kinds would be difficult to sustain for very long. Juno and Pallas trine her Taurus Ascendant has a gift for making money. In 2007 Forbes magazine ranked her as the fifth richest woman in the entertainment business with a net worth of $270 million. By 2011, her net worth was valued at more than $500 million.

The fourth asteroid is Vesta, which conjoins her Taurus Ascendant. Vesta gains in prominence by being angular, like Ceres, and in the sign of Taurus, is associated with the throat and singing. A prominent Vesta often indicates someone who has a special talent or purpose in life. It inspires the individual to devote all her energy to expressing her gift, which is felt as being sacred. Vesta on her Taurus Ascendant might be associated with her extraordinary voice, which has an unparalleled seven-octave range.
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Among the many records Mariah Carey holds in the Guinness Book of World Records is the one for having hit the highest note in the history of recorded music. She hit what is referred to as a G7#- note during the Star Spangled Banner at the 2002 Superbowl. The expression of a G7#- note is known as “dolphin-speak”
since these are the only mammals with the proper lung structure to produce such high-pitched notes. “Clinically, Mariah Carey’s voice is termed a medical wonder,” marvels the BBC News. And concerning her 7-octave range, one commentator explained it this way: “she is capable of going from an A2 (eight full-scaled keys below the lowest possible note on a piano) to a G7#- note without deviating from perfect pitch and all in the time span of one breath.”
This pivotal moment also coincides with Mariah’s progressed Midheaven conjoining her tenth house Ceres. She was a child prodigy, evident by this surreal rendition of an Italian opera at the age of three. The next year her mother began giving her voice
lessons to train her raw talent and guide its proper development. Over the next 14 years, Mariah and her mother would move 13 times, never having enough money to make ends meet. Sometimes her mother worked three jobs to pay the bills. Here we can see the harshness of Mariah’s Venus-Saturn conjunction that bestowed a deep resentment and fear of poverty, and an unbridled desire to be rich.

Mariah’s Aries Sun is sextile Ceres, indicating how she and her mother naturally became a mutually supportive team. Nickson elaborates on their compatibility: “Patricia was always there for her daughter, encouraging her and supporting her. It’s her mother, Mariah said, ‘who is most responsible for me having the courage to be able to do what I’m doing.’ Patricia took great pains to install a strong, healthy sense of self-esteem in her daughter and to reinforce the idea of her talent. It was a spark, Mariah was certain, that gave her the strength to become a professional singer.”
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