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Barack Obama's natal chart using his 7:24 pm time; how his chart uniquely aligns with the U.S. horoscope; review of 2008 campaign
These astrological views  are excerpted from the weekly NewsScope column and  Horoscope magazine

Barack Obama's
7:24 pm Birth Time

NewsScope; June 16, 2008. The Obama camp finally released his birth certificate in response to claims from the political fringe that he was born in Kenya, and therefore ineligible to run for president. For the astrological community, the search for his accurate birth time is over, and we now know
2007 when transiting Neptune was conjunct his Ascendant, thereby giving his personal stamp to the collective urge for redemption from failed political, social and economic policies.
Astrologer Liz Greene wrote the definitive book on Neptune, which in the political realm she associates with utopianism or socialism, and especially when Neptune is in Aquarius. Neptune's discovery in 1846 occurred the last time Neptune was in Aquarius, and coincided with the worldwide advent of socialism as a political ideology. Within modern American capitalism, Neptune's message is a leveling of the playing field, and as much as possible, a redistribution of wealth.
that he was born at 7:24 pm, which gives him 18º03' Aquarius Rising and 28º53' Scorpio at his Midheaven.

With no planets in the tenth or eleventh houses, Neptune in the ninth house is Obama's most elevated planet. Neptune was already a prominent player in his horoscope, since it's the only planet aspecting his Sun. Now, when Obama responds to a reporter's difficult question with "I believe...", we know that he's in touch with some transcendent, ineffable set of values which shapes his political worldview.

Obama's Neptune is precisely conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. As JFK did in the early 1960s, Obama is channeling the nation's collective hopes and visions for a better world. He announced his candidacy on February 10,

Obama's Prospects
from Dell Horoscope July 2008

Here's a look at Obama's official announcement that he was running for president. The event took place on February 10, 2007, a cold wintery day in Springfield, Illinois, and arrived after he had already established an exploratory committee the month before. His public appearances and speeches were attracting unusually large and enthusiastic crowds, as was the case on this day.

After some introductory remarks, Obama said: "That is why, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the United States." The BBC was covering the event live with a local clock ticker running on the screen, and froze it at the moment of the announcement at 10:13 am.

Now, horary astrologers running a chart for this moment will tell you that the Moon was Void of Course, and therefore nothing will come of his candidacy. Personally, I don't give this judgement much validity for a number of reasons, but primarily, that 17th century horary rules meant to answer specific and personal questions can't really apply to 21st century political events.

In any case, the major dynamic on this day was the Sun's opposition to Saturn, and a separating conjunction with Neptune. The Sun-Neptune conjunction took place two days earlier, and using the 7:24 pm birth time for Obama, landed right on his Ascendant, as Saturn was just past the conjunction with his Descendant. Obama's candidacy is therefore a reflection of the Saturn-Neptune opposition, which can be characterized as an attempt to make the hope and vision he espouses (Neptune) a reality, a practical force within our government (Saturn). The outer planetary activation of his Ascendant/Descendant angles corresponded to the initiation of his election campaign.

Not until nearly a year later, following stunning victories in the early primaries, did political pundits realize that this African-American could actually become the next president. Democrats in predominantly white states were casting their votes for Obama in large numbers, and by February 5's Super Tuesday, Obama held a small but significant lead over Hillary Clinton in the delegate count. The Solar Eclipse on February 7 took place at 17º44' Aquarius, nearly exactly conjunt his Ascendant.
Obama and the U.S. Horoscope
from July 2007 Dell Horoscope article
by NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer
Michael O'Reilly

As a political astrologer, and one who uses the Scorpio Rising horoscope for the United States (July 4, 1776; 2:21 pm; Philadelphia), I was most struck by the close connections between Obama's chart and the U.S. chart. Among the several tight intra-aspects are two that, in my opinion, account for his national popularity. First, his Neptune at 8º36' Scorpio is exactly, to-the-minute conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. At its best, Neptune symbolizes the ideal, the charisma, and the hope for a better future. In fact, Obama's keynote address in 2004 used the phrase "the audacity of hope", from which he wrote a book by the same name, and which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for months. Many observers note that he is the most charismatic politician since JFK, who happened to be President when Neptune was in this position.

But Neptune has a down side, and that is that the truth is never what it seems. For Kennedy, his Camelot marriage to Jackie was a sham: we know that he was involved in numerous romantic affairs, and entertained his women in the Presidential swimming pool. Obama himself has noted that he is just a projection of America's need for something new, anything new. Neptune allows Americans to see in him anything and everything they hope for, and realistically, no one can be all that. So at some point, disillusionment is inevitable. Until then, Obama can ride the wave, and maybe bring some constructive changes along the way.

The second important connection between Obama's and America's horoscopes is that his Uranus is exactly opposite the U.S. Moon. The Moon symbolizes the American mood, its national security needs, and popular opinions. The U.S. Moon in Aquarius represents America's multicultural population, its hunger for news, and its sense of justice and fair play. In the last 50 years or so, no president has ever been elected without a close connection to the U.S. Moon. This trend has been described in an article I wrote for Horoscope magazine (see U.S. Presidents)

For this reason, John Edwards cannot be seriously considered as the Democratic Party's nominee. While he has good connections to the U.S. Sun and Mars, neither his natal chart nor his progressed chart shows any planets or angles at 25º, which would connect him to the U.S. Moon and the public mood. However, his progressed Jupiter is conjunct his Sun during the entire campaign cycle, which brings him the financial backing and political influence to make him a contender. If the Democrats do nominate him, they will lose the general election because he doesn't have the critical connection to the U.S. Moon.

Obama's Uranus to the U.S. Moon electrifies people, bringing an aura of excitement and dramatic change to the political arena. What makes this connection so strong right now is that Obama's progressed Venus is forming a conjunction with natal Uranus. A well-placed Venus, and especially when Uranus is involved, brings tremendous popularity.
Obama's birth time of 7:24 pm shown here is now known to be accurate.  Listed below are a few examples from Obama's personal history that verify the 7:24 pm time, with attention paid to the angles, and as the ruler of his Aquarius Ascednant, transiting Uranus. Abbreviations: T = transit, P2 = secondary progressed. Orbs are given as minutes of a degree, with all being less than one degree, and most less than 1/4º:

October 1982 - Father dies drunk in car accident
T UR cnj MC, opp MO
T PL squ SA
P2 MO opp PL

November 7, 1995 - Mother dies of ovarian cancer
T PL cnj MC
T UR cnj SA
P2 MO cnj P2 UR

February 6, 1990 - elected Editor of the Harvard Law Review
T SU cnj AS
T PL in 9th squ AS
T UR sxt NE in 9th
P2 MO tri AS
P2 AS cnj Pallas

October 3, 1992 - marries Michelle
T PL opp CE
T CH cnj DE
T JU sxt MC
T (MO-UR-NE) octile MC
P2 AS tri MC
P2 AS cnj Juno
P2 ME opp Juno

July 26, 2004 - Speech at the Democratic National Convention
T UR cnj CH
T PL sxt AS
T MA cnj DE, P2 VE
P2 MO cnj MC

February 10, 2007 - Declares Candidacy
T MO cnj IC
T SA cnj DE
T NE cnj AS
T UR sxt P2 MC
P2 MO squ P2 ME, P2 MA
P2 VE cnj UR

January 3, 2008 - Wins Iowa
T SU cnj P2 MC
T NE squ CE, cnj AS
T SA sxt NE
T NN squ MC
P2 SU tri P2JU
P2 MO tri P2 Vesta
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Was Obama really born in Hawaii?
A widespread conspiracy theory has it that he was really born in Kenya, which would invalidate his run for the presidency. Here's the refutation of that claim from factcheck.org
Obama's Progressed Jupiter

What astrologically could account for Obama's enormous popularity? And will it sustain him through election day, November 4, 2008?

First, Obama's Uranus at 25º Leo opposes the U.S. Moon, which is his direct and radical connection to the American people. The orb is extremely tight. The U.S. Moon at 25º28' Aquarius and Obama's Uranus at 25º16' makes an orb of less than 1/4º, which is tighter than anything in McCain's chart. It's what allowed Obama to surpass other well-known and popular national candidates, notably John Edwards, who has zero natal or progressed connections to the U.S. Moon.

But above and beyond this vital link, Obama's chart is charmed in rare and magnificent ways. His natal Uranus is conjunct his North Node at 27º Leo in the seventh house of partners and the general public, and the two (Uranus and NN) are being activated by his progressed Jupiter at 27º Capricorn. Activated Jupiter-Uranus combinations are frequently found in celebrity charts, especially when they're headlining in the news cycle. They foster the exciting enthusiasm, the charismatic aura, and the multimedia buzz that money can't buy.

But Obama's progressed Jupiter at 27º Capricorn also happens to be conjunct the U.S. Pluto, the nation's ruling planet. Jupiter to Pluto attracts the attention and support of America's wealthiest and most influential people. His P2 Jupiter is standing direct, so will be in this degree area (where it forms a precise quincunx to his North Node) for many years, promising a bright future in American politics.

And to add yet another phenomenal astro-event, one that put this enduring P2 Jupiter complex into play in early 2008, was his progressed Sun forming a trine to his P2 Jupiter during the early primaries. It was still a strong influence in January since it became exact in December 2007, by which time he had become a genuine contender.

To summarize, here's a shorthand version of Obama's key planetary gems:

Natal Uranus opposite U.S. Moon (orb 0º13')
Natal Uranus conjunct North Node in 10th (orb 2º02')
P2 Jupiter quincunx North Node (orb 0º01')
P2 Jupiter conjunct U.S. Pluto (orb (0º14')
P2 Sun trine P2 Jupiter