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The Astrology of Earthquakes

Decoding Earthquakes
by Celeste Teal

Could it be that the world is due for a big quake? And, if so, then where and when might one occur? What about California, a state that is prone?

In my January New Moon report, I made note of the increased possibility for earthquakes based on the position of Uranus near the IC in the eclipse chart of January 26, 2009. In fact, with that eclipse falling on Los Angeles' Fourth House Pluto, earthquake activity might occur there.

2. Afghanistan and the 6.1 quake of Rostag; February 4, 1998 at 14:33 UT: The transiting North Node was at 10º Virgo, within a degree of the Solar Eclipse of September 1, 1997 at 9º Virgo.

3. Iran and the Bam 6.6 quake of December 26, 2003 at 5:28 AM: The transiting North Node was within two degrees of the prior Lunar Eclipse of November 8, 2003 at 16º Taurus.

4. Los Angeles and the Sylmar 6.7 quake of February 9, 1971 at 6:02 AM: The transiting nodes were aligned within a degree to the earlier Lunar Eclipse of August 16, 1970 at 24º Aquarius. *

5. Long Beach 6.4 Quake of March 10, 1933 at 5:55 PM: The transiting South Node was within a degree of the previous Solar Eclipse of August 31, 1932 at 8º Virgo. *

6. Whittier 5.9 quake of October 1, 1987 at 7:42 AM: The transiting South Node was in early Libra, within two degrees of the prior Solar Eclipse of September 23, 1987, also in early Libra. *

7. Landers 7.3 quake of June 28, 1992 at 4:57 AM: This quake followed the Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 1991 at 29º Gemini when the transiting South Node came within a degree.

8. Northridge 6.7 quake of January 17, 1994 at 4:31 AM: The transiting South node was at 1º Gemini, within a degree of the earlier Solar Eclipse of May 21, 1993 at 1º Gemini.

9. SF 1906 7.8 Quake of April 18, 1906 at 5:12 AM: The transiting North Node at 18º Leo was within two degrees of the prior Lunar Eclipse of February 9, 1906 at 20º Leo.

Q. How did you select the 11 earthquakes to study? Are these all large on the richter scale?

A. These earthquakes I studied were selected randomly by the gal who became so interested. She used to live in L.A.; had an interest in that location in particular, with friends there and was convinced that something was up. (She found L.A.'s chart in my book, saw the eclipse hit it ,and then she was progressing L.A.'s chart and seeing more connections.) They are all pretty high on the richter, all over 5; most 6 or higher.

Q. I'm not sure I understand the significance of the transiting lunar nodes. It seems to me that eclipses by definition take place when the New Moon or Full Moon is within a couple of degrees of the lunar nodes. How then does the timing of an earthquake relate to the lunar nodes since the lunar nodes are always within a few degrees of the eclipse over the next several months?

A. Solar eclipses can happen within 18º31' of the nodes and 12º15' for lunar eclipses. So, that is quite a spread. Also, not all eclipses will get the pass of the lunar nodes because they'd have fallen in later degrees of the sign than the nodes. So, this really does narrow things down a lot, especially for the nodes to get into the two degree orb.

Q. You said, "At the time of a quake many aspects will be found between the planets at the time, but especially the planets will form numerous aspects to the previous eclipse and to the planets places at that time. So, while an eclipse may signify a coming earthquake it will not come to pass until the planets form numerous aspects to one another and to the eclipse."

This would be interesting to see. Can you give an example? This part would be the evidence that astrologers can use, it seems to me. Otherwise, you're saying that earthquakes follow eclipses within a few months, but since we have several eclipses every year around 6 months apart, how do we narrow that down to a particular potential date and to a particular place?

A. OK... Take the Cascadia Tsunami (Jan 26, 1700, 9:00 AM, Seattle).
10. Loma Prieta 6.9 quake of October 17, 1989 at 5:05 PM: The transiting North Node at 23º Aquarius was within two degrees of the Lunar Eclipse of August 16, 1989 at 24º Aquarius.

11. The Mega 9.3 quake/tsunami in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 at 7:59 AM: The transiting North Node was at 28º Aries, aligned closely with the Solar Eclipse of April 19, 2004 at 29º Aries. *

In each case, the earthquake occurred during the span of time that the transiting Lunar Nodes closely aligned with a recent eclipse; nearly evenly divided between Solar or Lunar eclipses.
Here is a list of earthquakes that were studied and the results. Of the eleven quakes, five of them occurred during, near, or approaching a Full Moon (sometimes a Lunar Eclipse). Those quakes are marked with asterisks.

1. Japan and the Kobe 6.9 quake of January 17, 1995 at 5:46 AM: The transiting North Node was within a degree to the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 1994 at 11º Scorpio. *

Hi Celest, thanks for sending this. Upon first reading through it, I have a couple of questions.

Q. Are you focusing on a potential quake in Los Angeles? and if so, please send the chart data that you're using for that area.

A. Well, as mentioned at the start, just focusing on quakes in general for starters with questions of where and when but with some scrutiny to L.A. That chart appears in my book, Eclipses: Sept. 4, 1781: 9:11 AM. (Penfield)
At the urging of Dihanne, an astrology student who recently became interested in mundane astrology, I decided to post some information as an aid to mundane astrologers and students. It is the result of a good amount of research on earthquakes and I want to thank Dihanne for her research and contribution. Following are some concrete conclusions about earthquakes.
This cross-section of a bi-wheel features the January 9, 2009 Solar Eclipse (outer wheel) aligned with L.A's 4th house Pluto (inner wheel). For Los Angeles' natal horoscope, see Q&A below.

Megathrust Earthquake Activated

NewsScope; March 5, 2001. The strongest earthquake to hit the Pacific Northwest since 1949 struck last Wednesday at 10:54 am, with the epicenter at Shelton, Washington. The 6.8 magnitude quake caused billions of dollars in damage, but created more excitement than alarm since it was centered 32 miles below the Earth's surface.

This recent earthquake can be astrologically compared to the megathrust earthquake of January 26, 1700 (9:00 pm at 126W00 49N30) which was the largest known earthquake to hit the Northwest region. Megathrust earthquakes are produced by a sudden slip between a subducting and overriding tectonic plate, and are the world's rarest and most massive earthquakes. The 1700 megathrust quake measured about 9.0 in magnitude and created a tsunami that swept across the Pacific Ocean to strike Japan, a timed event recorded by Japanese scholars.
The 1700 megathrust earthquake features an explosive t-square formation between the Sun in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. Then, the Sun's precise quincunx to erratic Uranus makes the entire t-square highly unstable, capable of discharging suddenly. Any outer planet activation of these degree zones could trigger a significant event. At the moment of last week's quake, transiting Neptune was exactly conjunct the 1700 Sun.

Interested researchers will find that the most spectacular geological events in the Northwest, including the quakes of April 13, 1949, April 29, 1965 and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980 all show strong links to the 1700 horoscope, especially to Saturn's position.
On the theory that a region's earthquakes are reactions to the megathrust earthquake as the fault lines settle and shift over the years, the megathrust earthquake can be used as a foundation horoscope and forecasting tool. The major planetary dynamics during this original event establish markers for future events.

Earthquake Formula
excerpted from NewsScope; January 6, 2009

The 9.2 Megathrust Earthquake on January 26, 1700 (9:00 pm; Seattle, WA) that was felt across the entire Northwest and sent a tsunami that was registered in Japan can be used as a foundation horoscope for predicting earthquake and volcanic activity in the region. This monstrous quake features the Aquarius Sun forming a T-square with Pluto and Mars, and is also closely quincunx (150º) Uranus.

Mount St. Helens blew its top on May 18, 1980 (8:32 am; Cougar, WA) as the transiting Saturn-Neptune square aligned with the Megathrust's angles. The great San Francisco quake on April 18, 1906 took place as transiting Uranus and Neptune opposed each other while perfectly aligned with the Megathrust Uranus. Similarly, the San Francisco quake on October 17, 1989 also had major outer planets aligned with the Megathrust Uranus.

For exceptionally large events, the formula is clear: outer planets form hard aspects to each other and simultaneously activate key points in the Megathrust chart. We are now entering a phase when something like this could happen. Transiting Saturn and Uranus are opposing each other along the Megathrust Ascendant.
Fixed signs at the moment of an eclipse, earthquakes will often occur in those parts of the world where such planets are rising, setting, culminating, or on the nadir.

At the time of a quake many aspects will be found between the planets, but especially the planets will form numerous aspects to the previous eclipse and to the planets places at that time. So, while an eclipse may signify a coming earthquake it will not come to pass until the planets form numerous aspects to one another and to the eclipse.

The stimulation of the transiting Lunar Nodes to a previous eclipse is quite potent to produce an earthquake. This is a new piece of the puzzle that may now make it possible to discover when we are in “earthquake season”.

Of the eleven earthquakes studied, shown in the sidebar, in each case the earthquake occurred during the span of time that the transiting Lunar Nodes closely aligned with a recent eclipse; nearly evenly divided between Solar or Lunar eclipses.

Of the eleven earthquakes we studied, we notice that five of them did follow eclipses in Fixed signs. Of the eleven quakes, most of them occurred in the morning hours.

We have had several eclipses falling in Fixed signs in recent months. The August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse fell at 9º Leo. The Lunar Eclipse of August 16, 2008 fell at 18º Leo. The Solar Eclipse of January 26, 2009 fell at 6º Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse of February 9, 2009 fell at 21º Leo. For each of these eclipses there were a number of planets falling also in fixed signs, increasing earthquake potential.

Going by the criteria, there are increased chances for quake activity for L.A. and surrounding areas in early 2009, where the total Solar Eclipse of January 26th fell on the IC in the eclipse chart cast for Los Angeles. The Lunar Eclipse of February 9, 2009 was also angular in L.A.

By February 09, the transiting Lunar Nodes were at 9º of Leo/Aquarius, aligned with the degree of the Solar Eclipse of August 2008. The transiting nodes now move toward the degree of the recent Solar Eclipse at 6º Aquarius. So, we are within a period that appears more prevalent for earthquakes to occur generally. This open period for increased earthquake activity lasts until the latter part of April 2009, when the transiting nodes move out of range of the Aquarius eclipse. Earthquakes are more common near a Full Moon and they frequently occur in the morning.

So, if you live in an area that is earthquake prone, it may be a good idea to rehearse your plan in case of such an emergency. Hopefully nothing will happen and the nodes will pass these eclipse degrees peacefully. But, it doesn’t hurt to be as prepared as possible.

By July of 2009, eclipses begin falling in Cancer and Capricorn and the South Node soon transits the Solar Eclipse of July 21st. There is the chance for quakes, although the chances may be reduced since the eclipses are no longer falling in Fixed signs. Earthquakes are more common, however, when many planets fall in the early degrees of Cardinal signs. This takes us to mid 2010, when the Lunar Eclipse of June 26th at 4º Capricorn features several planets in the early degrees of Cardinals, with the transiting North Node approaching the eclipse.

I hope the astrology students among you will find this helpful in your studies and research; maybe check out some other quakes. All the best, Celeste Teal

After Notes: On the Full Moon of March 10th, a small 3.1 quake occurred about 40 miles from L.A. in the Chino Hills/Diamond Bar area at 6:40 AM, part of a series of small quakes in the area. There were also reports of small quakes in the Pacific Northwest and increased rumblings in many areas. Then, a powerful 7.9 quake struck Friday March 20th in the South Pacific, shaking an erupting underwater volcano off the coast of the main island of Tonga. Mt. Redoubt in Alaska erupted several times between March 23rd and 24th. On March 30th, a 4.3 quake hit Silicon Valley at 10:40 AM. On April 6th, a destructive 6.3 quake strikes L'Aquila, Italy at 3:32 AM, killing more than 200 and leaving thousands homeless. More small quakes struck around Yorba Linda, CA on April 24th and 25th. A 6.0 earthquake hit Mexico City on April 27th. A 4.4 quake struck on May 1st near Malibu, CA. A 4.7 quake struck near L.A. on May 17th.
Earthquakes are caused by the action of eclipses, most often when falling in Fixed signs. Earthquakes generally follow close on the heels of eclipses, especially in those locations where the eclipse falls on the MC or IC. If there are other planets in
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The Sun and Pluto were in opposition with Mars square both. Uranus was square Neptune. But, when you compare this event chart to the Lunar Eclipse that preceded the event (Sep 9 1699; 2:20 AM LMT - I ran it for Seattle), the Cascadia Sun was opposing Eclipse Pluto, Cascadia Mars was square Eclipse Pluto, Cascadia Mars was square Eclipse Mars, Cascadia Pluto was conjunct Eclipse Pluto, Cascadia Venus was conjunct Eclipse Saturn and Cascadia Saturn was opposing Eclipse Venus and the Cascadia South Node was conjunct the Eclipse Moon. If you run a biwheel you can see many connections. If looking at the Eclipse chart alone, it is pretty disconcerting with an afflicted Jupiter. The Sun is conjunct Chiron and the North Node and all are square Jupiter. Mercury squares Uranus, Mars conjuncts Pluto. So, it is often the eclipse chart itself that first shows signs of disturbance. What's really interesting is that if that eclipse chart is set in Seattle, Pluto falls right on the Ascendant, and in Leo, a Fixed sign.

The transiting nodes may be the best way to start to narrow down WHEN. Except for this next month and then a short span in middle of summer, the nodes won't next come into this narrow range of an eclipse until about the fall of 2010. The most recent eclipse did show signs of a potential quake. Several things are coming together, especially that the nodes are in the right place, T Mars is coming to the place of Uranus and opposite Saturn and the New Moon had several planets square eclipse Pluto. (I use my eclipse book a lot - makes it a little easier.)

But, then the earthquakes could happen anywhere that the eclipse fell on an angle, or where many fixed planets fell on angles. You can relocate the eclipses to find that. Or, another way to narrow down WHERE is to take the chart of a city to see where the eclipse fell in that chart, especially if on a planet. L.A. fits in both categories. You can even progress the chart. The lunar nodes are always transiting over a previous eclipse that hit something.
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