Hamas Takes Over Gaza

NewsScope; June 19, 2007. Palestinian efforts to create a unified central government were crushed last week when Hamas military forces seized control of the Gaza Strip during a five-day civil war. Only three months earlier, the rival parties Hamas and Fatah agreed to a power sharing program, but now Palestine will likely split into two regions, with Fatah controlling the West Bank and Hamas ruling over Gaza.

Saturn Hits Abbas'

NewsScope; January 18, 2005. Newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in as President last Saturday, the day after Israel broke off all diplomatic contacts following a terrorist attack.

Hamas' Military Arm

NewsScope; January 13, 2009. Over the weekend Israeli warplanes flooded Gaza with leaflets warning civilians not to provide shelter to Hamas militants, as Israeli tanks advanced toward Gaza City. Meanwhile, demonstrators across Europe gathered to denounce the invasion, waving Palestinian flags and banners such as "we are all Palestinians." Intensified peace efforts from the United Nations, Egypt and France were rebuffed by both Israel and Hamas.

A look into the Hamas horoscope (August 18, 1988; noon, Gaza) helps explain their reluctance to accept cease-fire terms. The natural ruler of the military is Mars, and in the Hamas horoscope Mars is strongly placed in assertive Aries. The Leo Sun is also closely aspecting Mars (by the trioctile or 135º aspect), reflecting how the organization itself identifies with and is empowered by its military arm.

On January 29, 2006, Hamas defeated Fatah in a freely contested election for control of the Palestinian movement. At the time, transiting Pluto was conjunct the Hamas Saturn (government) and trine the Hamas Sun (leadership). The split between the rival Palestinian factions ended with Hamas seizing Gaza on June 14, 2007, as transiting Mars, Saturn and Pluto formed a Grand Trine with Hamas' Sun.

During these developments, Hamas' progressed Mars has been retrograde and heading toward the exact quincunx to natal Pluto. This connection is one of the most vitriolic, warlike combinations possible. Factor in that Hamas' progressed Mercury is now opposite natal Mars, and one can see the unwillingness to relent. While the Mercury-Mars measurement will max out over the next three months, the progressed Mars-to-Pluto is increasing its violence potential over the next two years.
UN Resolution 181
The Israeli-Palestinian Interface

NewsScope; October 9, 2000. The first serious international attempt to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was debated by the fledgling United Nations General Assembly on November 29, 1947. UN Resolution 181 to Partition Palestine recognized the political and religious rights of both groups, and after a long debate was passed by a majority that evening, or midnight in Jerusalem.

Arafat in Paris

NewsScope; November 2, 2004. Last week Yasser Arafat, the besieged leader of the Palestinian people, was whisked away to Paris for treatment of a mysterious disease, which some reports indicate   is  leukemia. The  75-year old
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The Astrology of Palestine
When the Sun passed over the fateful North Node on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion unilaterally declared Israel's independence.

Yasser Arafat did the same for the Palestinians on November 15, 1988 (12:40 am, Algiers), and the geopolitical astrologer will note key transits to the Resolution 181 chart, especially transiting Uranus exactly, to-the-minute, conjunct the Fourth House Venus.
*This event is described in Michael Baigent's The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered.
A horoscope drawn for this moment (November 30, 1947; Jerusalem; 12:00 am*) reflects the inherent, crisis-oriented division in the homeland with the Moon-Uranus conjunction in Gemini.
While it's difficult to predict death in a horoscope, we can see that Arafat's chart currently shows some extreme pressures, both to his health and his geopolitical standing. Transiting Uranus in Pisces opposes his Sun-Neptune, which points to sudden or radical challenges to his leadership. A year ago, when Uranus first entered Pisces and was joined by transiting Mars, Israeli troops attacked his compound in Ramallah.

Saturn resides in Arafat's Sixth House of health natally where it describes the potential for a chronic, life-threatening disease. At the moment, this Saturn is becoming problematic because transiting Pluto is nearing a conjunction that will first be exact in early February, but remains near his Saturn throughout 2005. With his ailing health, the Palestinian leadership will be up for grabs, a situation likely to become evident in mid-November as transiting Uranus turns direct.
former guerilla is rumored to have the nine lives of the cat, but his illness is serious, and he may not survive, which would throw the Middle East conflict into turmoil.

Yasser Arafat was born with a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo (August 27, 1929; 2:00 am; Cairo), a combination that accounts for his fastidious health regimen, He doesn't smoke, drink alcohol, or over-eat, and generally has enjoyed good health. The Sun-Neptune conjunct also accounts for his secretive behavior, as well as the mythological leadership role he has assumed as savior of his people
Yasir Arafat died on November 11, 2004
Abbas is favored by the international community to rein in terrorism in order to lead a post-Arafat era along the roadmap to peace. Palestinian militants are determined to undermined the process.

Mahmoud Abbas was born with his Sun in the pioneering sign of Aries (March 26, 1935; Safed, Israel; time unknown), with his Mars in the diplomatic sign of Libra. Abbas asserts himself through diplomatic efforts, and became an international player as the architect of the Oslo Agreement. His Mars squares Pluto, so that he naturally negotiates with the most violent elements of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Abbas' Pluto is located in domestic Cancer and is conjunct the karmic South Node. His situation is similar to the Dalai Lama's (July 6, 1935), who also has Mars in Libra square Pluto and the South Node. Both are refugees from their birthplace, and both have assumed leadership roles between the occupying governments and their outcast constituents. Like the Dalai Lama, Abbas's chief objective is the right of return.

At the moment, transiting Saturn is conjunct Abbas's Pluto, as he is now appointing the critical security forces which may or may not control the Palestinian militants. Saturn is currently retrograde, but turns direct in two months while squaring his Mars. This celestial condition is going to be extremely difficult for him to manage, and the concerned astrologer might also be anxious about his personal safety.
Hamas was officially organized on August 18, 1988 (set for noon in Gaza), at a time which reveals its unbending militarism. Mars in bold Aries is dramatically fortified by a quincunx (150º) to Pluto and a square to Venus. The Venus-Mars square can be thought of as a love (Venus) of fighting (Mars), and the Pluto connection intensifies the martial flavor with an overwhelming urge to crush the enemy.
The Leo Sun is well-placed since it's strengthened by trines to the Saturn-Uranus conjunction  in late Sagittarius. This combination has fostered widespread approval among Palestinians—so much so that Hamas won the general election in January 2006 as transiting Pluto was first conjunct the Hamas Saturn (government). Currently, Hamas is completing a violent revolution as transiting Pluto hovers over natal Uranus.

Most observers fear that under Hamas control, the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza will face an immense humanitarian crisis. Saturn is now heading into late Leo, where it will conjoin the Hamas Sun, giving the fledgling government a real test of leadership. Hamas has been branded as a terrorist organization, but endures despite international isolation and condemnation. However, support will likely arrive from within the Islamic community as transiting Saturn completes its pass.
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"A declaration of a 'State of Palestine' (Arabic: دولة فلسطين) took place in Algiers on November 15, 1988, by the Palestinian National Council, the legislative body of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The proclaimed "State of Palestine" is not and has never actually been an independent state, as it has never had sovereignty over any territory in history."  - Wikipedia

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