Ceres plays a central role in the story of Nadya Suleman and her eight newborns. Ceres is the largest of the four major asteroids, and is now known as a "Dwarf Planet" along with Pluto and a few others. Note how Ceres is prominent in the natal charts, by transit, and by secondary progression.           more on Ceres
Nadya Suleman
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Nadya Suleman, Welfare Octomom

NewsScope; March 9, 2009. The intense media coverage of octomom Nadya Suleman has generated numerous fascinating stories – none of which have any real newsworthy value. Yet the drama continues, with the latest episode unfolding as her ex-boyfriend demanded a paternity test. Then last Tuesday, Nadya's father appeared on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show" to state how irresponsible his daughter is, and that she needs a mental evaluation. 

Astrologer and data sleuth Shelley Ackerman reports that Nadya Suleman was born on July 11, 1975 in Fullerton, California, which places her Sun in Cancer and conjunct Saturn, the taskmaster. Many Cancer women have a similar dream of fulfilment through family and children, but in Nadya's case, with her Sun tensely square Uranus, her simultaneous need for independence, to be a single mother, has raised a ruckus. 

NewsScope; February 2, 2009. Last Monday, a team of 46 doctors, nurses and surgical assistants successfully delivered octuplets by cesarian. They had planned the delivery for weeks, and although they expected seven newborns, they were surprised to find an eighth. According to The Los Angeles Times, the babies were born between 10:43 am and 10:48 am, and all are doing fine.
NewsScope; February 9, 2009. In her exclusive interview with MSNBC reporter Ann Curry, octuplets mom Nadya Suleman said she meant to have seven children, not 14. When asked if she's not being completely irresponsible and selfish to have all these children, Nadya said "For me, I feel I've been under the microscope because I've chosen this unconventional life... All I wanted was children. That's all I've ever wanted in my life."
Data researcher Pat Taglilatelo reports that Nadya's birth time is 9:59 pm (July 11, 1975; Fullerton, CA). Astrologers can now confirm the prominence of Ceres, since it squares her Aquarius Ascendant. The American public is naturally intrigued by her story, which will only become more dramatic as the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction simultaneously passes over her Ascendant and the U.S. Moon over the next few months.

Many observers complain about her status as an unemployed welfare mom, but the conditions of her Second House of money are looking up. She was born with Jupiter, Chiron and Mars in the Second House, with each of these placements being severely limited by hard aspects to other planets around the chart—notably, the square to her Sun-Saturn in the Fifth House of children.

Her progressed Sun is now forming an exact trioctile (135º aspect) to her Part of Fortune, located right on the Second House cusp. Consequently, she has managed to use her own celebrity (Sun) to get paid for TV appearances. Her progressed Sun is also heading into a trine to her Jupiter, an unusually favorable situation that promises to bring her a generous sum—most likely for selling the video of her giving birth. The bidding is reportedly already over $1million.

A horoscope drawn for the first arrival (January 26, 2009; Bellflower, CA) features 28º Aries Rising, making Mars the ruler of the chart. Mars is well placed in Capricorn and in the tenth house, but is conjunct a retrograde Mercury, perhaps indicating an unknown factor in the birth. At 10:48 am, the last baby was delivered, as 0º Taurus was on the Ascendant. The chart for this last child is ruled by Venus, which is hidden away in the 12th house.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter is a favorable indication for the octuplets. This combination often signals a wealthy or prominent father, although in this case, the father is an anonymous sperm donor. At this stage, the Jupiter influence is an indication of abundance (multiplicity), but in future years promises to bring plenty of humanitarian assistance, since these placements are in Aquarius. 

Ceres retrograde in Virgo symbolizes the jobless mother, Nadya Suleman. However, Pluto trine the Ascendant helps protect the infants' well-being. Pluto represents the team of surgeons who presided over the birth. In later years, Pluto may manifest as a strong-willed, religious benefactor, since Pluto is in the ninth house. This assistance will likely also be financial, since Pluto is closely trine to Vesta in Taurus near the Ascendant.
Octuplets Arrive just after Solar Eclipse
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Angela Suleman (Nadya's mother) said that her daughter was obsessed with having children. Nadya's chart reveals the truth of this appraisal in the placement of her Ceres, the parenting asteroid. Ceres is placed in fertile Taurus and conjunct the South Node, indicating that her intense maternal instincts are a pre-existing karmic condition. Ceres forms a close trioctile (135º aspect) to Pluto, the planet associated with obsessions.
By secondary progression, Ceres is now trine to natal Pluto, which reflects the phenomenal success of her six embryo implants – two of which were twins. Nadya's story is unfolding now as transiting Saturn and Uranus oppose each other. Since she was born with a Saturn-Uranus signature, she is the sudden celebrity who mirrors back to us our expectations (Saturn) and our shock (Uranus). With transiting Uranus trine her Sun-Saturn, she should do quite well.
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