Madeleine's Horoscope

Madeleine's birth time is unknown; this horoscope 
is set for noon, but still provides us with some insights. 
Her Venus at 25º is exactly conjunct Robert Murat's Mars, while her karmic south mode at 
29º Scorpio is conjunct his Sun.
The Event Chart

Horary astrologers will note that the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant where it is Void of Course, which is generally interpreted as nothing to worry about, nothing will come of the matter. However, we know this is wrong; there's plenty to worry about. Using minor aspects and the asteroids, the Moon is semi-sextile Pluto and makes a final octile (45º) to a retrograde Juno, representing the parents who were retreating or away. Here we have the astrological evidence of the McCann's frustration and an unsatisfactory situation. 

The rising Moon is alone in Scorpio, which tells us that the kidnapper was alone at the time. The Moon indicates a woman perpetrated the crime, or possibly, a maternal male. Then, the Moon's last conjunction was also to Juno, perhaps suggesting that the kidnapper knew the parents, or recently interacted with them. 
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The Scorpio Moon rising is not Void of Course, but makes one final aspect: the octile to Juno, suggesting the unsatisfactory developments, especially for the parents Gerry and Kate McCann.
Gerry's fourth house Moon is conjunct Pluto and Uranus, with the entire stellium square Mars in the twelfth house of secret enemies. One can only wonder at the ancestral influences that created this difficult set-up, but perhaps some genetic or karmic inheritance from a Scottish warrior clan. Madeleine disappeared when transiting Pluto was squaring his Moon, activating this underlying psychological complex.

Neptune, the ruler of his Midheaven, is found in the fifth house of children, where it squares Jupiter. All three family members have a Jupiter-Neptune aspect, and Madeleine went missing when Jupiter and Neptune were sextile. This planetary signature may indicate some resolution when Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in 2009. In the mean time, watch for some big news as Uranus turns direct while exactly square Gerry's Sun in late November. 

When Maddie was kidnapped on May 3, transiting Mars was at 21º Pisces, just a bit past the square to his natal Mars and the opposition to his Pluto. This configuration might indicate a conflict of sorts several days earlier, the nature of which one can only speculate.

Gerry's chart is characterized by a very tight Ceres-Saturn aspect. Ceres, the parenting asteroid, opposes Saturn, the so-called Lord of Karma. When Ceres is afflicted by any of the outer planets, it can bring loss of loved ones. Gerry's progressed Sun will be squaring this Ceres-Saturn axis over the coming year, indicating a painful process of grieving and deep feelings of guilt. 
Kate McCann's Horoscope
NewsScope, September 24, 2007

On September 7, the Portuguese police officially named Kate and Gerry McCann as suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. The shocking development turned the tide of public opinion against the couple, especially Kate, who theoretically over-dosed Madeleine by accident and then somehow got rid of the body 25 days later – a scenario supported by forensic evidence found in their rented car.

Neptune is another polarity indicating more of a victim status than as the perpetrator of a heinous crime

Kate's Mars and Saturn are conjunct in fiery Aries, so that her strength and courage provided by Mars are constantly being tested and frustrated by Saturn. At its best, this combination gives plenty of determination and a willingness to fight to the bitter end. Under stress, Mars-Saturn is often frustrated and suffering from helpless anger. Her diary, seized by police, reportedly describes her challenges in handling her three children. 

Kate's Ceres is prominently placed in her chart by its conjunction with Juno, and as they both trine her Sun. Ceres is also exactly octile (45º) to Pluto. Ceres-Pluto aspects are prone to great suffering through the loss of loved ones. This aspect is the indicator for the challenges she faced to conceive a child in the first place, which she accomplished through fertility drugs. 
Did She Do it?

Did Kate accidentally over-sedate Madeleine, while she and her husband dined with friends? The most telling astrological evidence comes from the transits, based on Kate's raising the alarm at 10:00 pm (May 3, 2007; Praia Da Luz, Portugal). Juxtaposing the event chart with Kate's horoscope shows that transiting Mars was nearing an exact opposition to her Pluto. 

Transiting Mars opposite Pluto is an intense attacking energy, more akin to abduction and/or rape then drug-related events. This aspect unfolded over the next day, during which time Kate expressed bitter anger at the Portuguese police for mismanaging the case. The Mars-Pluto anger is no act – would she be enraged at their incompetence if she had perpetrated the crime? Obviously not. 

Transiting Pluto was and is in a long-term square to her Chiron at 28º Pisces. This connection points to the deep psychological pain and emotional trauma that Kate is actually experiencing. By secondary progression, Kate's Ceres is currently at 0º39' Scorpio, where it forms a close trioctile (135º) to her Sun. This aspect is getting closer over the next two years, and reflects Kate's ongoing grief during this phase. 

She was named a suspect when transiting Neptune was conjunct her Mercury. On September 21, the Portuguese judge ruled (after pouring through 10,000 pages of evidence) that nothing conclusive could be pinned on Kate, and so investigators are now back to square one. Watch for the next big development when transiting Uranus turns direct while conjunt Kate's Sun around November 23.
Kate's birth time is unknown. The noon time 
used here is set arbitrarily and not meant to be definitive.
Kate's maiden name is Healy. Her 
birth date is from her Birth Certificate, 
which was provided by the 
U.K's General Register Office.
Kate was named a suspect as transiting Neptune was conjunct her Mercury. Also at the time, transiting Uranus was nearly conjunct her Sun
A primary configuration in effect during the event was a T-square made of Venus opposite Pluto, and both square Mars. 

These three planets in dynamic formation indicate a sex crime, most likely committed by a pedophile or a someone working for a pedophile ring, a scenario underscored by the Rising Scorpio Moon. 

At 9:10 pm, when the Moon was exactly semi-sextile Pluto, a key witness  saw a man walking away from the McCann's apartment with a child over his shoulder. 
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Did Robert Murat Take Madeleine?
NewsScope, October 22, 2007

Regarding the Madeleine McCann abduction case, a NewsScope correspondent, U.K. astrologer Kathryn Cassidy, writes "I have used Mercury Rx to sit down and go through all the charts that I have, and I have come to the conclusion that Murat took Madeleine." Kathryn's email details numerous astrological clues, and frankly, I agree that this guy looks like the culprit. Here's a brief look at some of the connections...

Murat's Mars in Aries is exactly opposite Uranus, an extremely dynamic vector in his chart. Mars-Uranus can be highly unpredictable and dangerously impulsive. As an indicator for the sex drive, this aspect thrives on sudden, spontaneous erotic attractions, and the kinkier or more dangerous, the better. While many men with this aspect can lead ordinary lives, Murat's Moon-Pluto conjunction indicates he's no stranger to the dark side. 

Unfortunately for Madeleine, his Mars is exactly conjunct her Venus, the number one indicator for sexual attraction. On May 3, when she disappeared, transiting Venus was exactly sextile Murat's Mars and trine his Uranus, pointing to an active sexuality at the time. With the Moon in Scorpio (on his Sun), he was likely out and about, astrologically making him a viable candidate for the crime.
Robert Murat, a self-employed property consultant, was born with his Sun at 28º Scorpio (November 20, 1973; Hammersmith, UK; time unknown). Eyewitness accounts place him (or someone who looks like him) at the scene of the crime around 9:10 pm, when the Moon was rising and located at 28º Scorpio. However, Murat says he was at home with his mother, who has corroborated his alibi.
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The Abduction of 
Madeleine McCann
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Shortly after 9:00 pm on May 3, four-year-old 
Madeleine McCan was taken from her bedroom as her parents, Doctors Gerry and Kate McCann, dined at a restaurant only 100 yards away. The British family was vacationing in Portugal, but now Gerry and Kate spend each day praying for their daughter's safe return amidst a media frenzy. British and Portuguese crime investigators have found nothing.
Here's the astrology of the Madeleine McCann abduction case. Scroll down to read the stories, or click here:
Robert Murat
Kate McCann
The Event Chart
Gerry McCann
Murat lives with his mother Jennifer in this villa, located not far from the Praia da Luz holiday apartments, where Madeleine was plucked from her bed.
Madeleine was born on May 12, 2003 (Leicester, UK; time unknown) with her Sun located at 21º Taurus. At the moment she disappeared, transiting Neptune was at 21º Aquarius – exactly square her Sun. At the same time, the transiting Sun in Taurus was exactly square her natal Neptune, a doubled influence which reflects the immense publicity (Sun) that would follow her mysterious disappearance (Neptune).

In Evolutionary Astrology, the lunar nodes and the planets linked to the nodes by aspect and rulership can be read for insights about the life story. Hard aspects from the outer planets can bring some harsh experiences, as in Madeleine's case: she was born with Uranus (sudden crisis) square her lunar axis at 29º Taurus/Scorpio. At the time she was taken, the Moon in Scorpio was conjunct her South Node, as was her progressed Moon. The event chart shows the Scorpio Moon right on the Ascendant.
At first, detectives suggested that she just wandered off. However, transiting Venus and Pluto were opposing each other, and aligned with her Saturn, confirming a kidnapping. Eventually, the police came around to that conclusion. Natally, Madeleine's Venus in bold Aries forms a trine to Pluto, giving her a magnetism and charm that transcend her age. As such, she has become the poster child for innocence lost. 
In a worldwide exclusive, NewsScope has obtained Kate's birth date. She was born with her Pisces Sun (March 5, 1968; Liverpool, UK; time unknown) opposite Pluto, a difficult polarity suggesting victimization (Pisces) from others' discreet power plays (Pluto). Her Taurus Moon opposite
This horoscope is set for the approximate time Madeleine was abducted. Her parents checked in on her regularly, and we know the event occurred somewhere between 9:00 pm and 9:45 pm. The time of 9:10 pm is used here for when a key witness reported seeing a man walking away from the McCann's apartment with a child over his shoulder. The Moon was at 28º40' Scorpio  -- very near Maddie's South Node. 
Harry Potter author J.K Rowling has pledged a "staggering" but secret contribution to the existing reward of $3 million. American Idol judge Simon Cowell, Virgin CEO Richard Branson, and several other pop stars, footballers and politicians have also contributed significant amounts to Madeleine's safe return.  
Gerry McCann's birth data is now known to be 7:45 am; June 5, 1968; Glasgow, UK (according to U.K. data collector Caroline Gerard; see her email below), giving him the family-oriented sign of Cancer on the Ascendant. The ruler of his chart is therefore his Virgo Moon, which is located in the fourth house of the home. From these placements, we can see that family is everything to Gerry, especially since his Moon is in the same place as Madeleine's Moon. 
Gerry McCann's Horoscope
NewsScope, October 1, 2007
Portuguese police continue to suspect Gerry and Kate McCann in the case of their missing daughter Madeleine. The latest theory is that Kate killed Madeleine while Gerry was playing tennis, and then hid the body in a refrigerator. Friends insist that Kate was also playing tennis at this time, and note that the tiny size of the apartment's fridge's make these theories impossible.
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On November 23, Uranus turns direct while conjunct Kate's Sun, which may lead to some breakthrough in the case. Meanwhile, Neptune continues to hover near her Mercury, keeping alive suspicions about her based on foggy thinking, misinformation and gossip. 


"I'd wondered if Gerry's family had been involved in the "Troubles" of Ulster and Belfast from the 1960s on. His parents' marriage entry says that his father (who died in 2005) was stated to be living in Co. Donegal, in the Republic. So, at first glance, no, not the Troubles. His mother was born in Glasgow, and his father seems to have been born in Eire.
"However, his father was a joiner. A skilled craft, etc, but still "modest". My father was also a joiner - and I like to say that all the best people's fathers were joiners or carpenters! So I think there may be a bit of the "rising above" his modest or humble beginnings, hence that pile-up in his 4th. (Not that there's anything wrong with being a joiner.) 
"I'm a genealogist, so context matters.... I took a tiny look at Gerry's family background. Yes, his family has an Irish Catholic basis. Yes, there is some sectarianism in Glasgow - but we're not talking about downtown Baghdad, most of it comes out in football. It used to be the case in some parts that Catholics couldn't get a job in a heavily Protestant company, but almost all of that has gone. 
Gerry's Fourth House

After reading about Gerry's difficult fourth house conditions, Scottish data collector Caroline Gerard clarified what his actual roots are in this email: