The U.S.eighth house holds Uranus, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.

Mars here is conjunct Fortuna, and indicates the wealth that would arise from America's industrial machine and its war efforts. Uranus describes the more advanced technologies, the electronic industries, and the independent entrepreneurial spirit that is the guiding philosophy of American capitalism. These two planets in Gemini fulfill themselves most easily through transportation, communication, and media industries.

Venus and Jupiter in early Cancer also reside in the eighth house, and trine the
Ascendant. The material blessings available to most Americans can be seen by these placements, as can the vast financial resources that accumulate in the wealthiest families. The eighth house is the house of collective or shared money, and Venus and Jupiter here describe the capitalist power assumed by insurance, credit, banking, investment, and related financial corporations. 

The eighth house is the house of the federal deficit, social security, and the IRS. Any significant budget reform or taxation shifts would correspond to activation of these planets. Transits or progressions to Mars show general budget cuts, interest rate changes, and Defense spending. When Jupiter is activated, expensive government programs are approved, especially those that favor the wealthy. Jupiter in transit, and transits to Jupiter are always present during the stock market's biggest moves and turning points. 
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The overall tone of the U.S. natal chart gravitates toward the eighth house, which is tenanted by four planets and the Part of Fortune. This stellium resonates strongly with the Scorpio Ascendant, and emphasizes the importance of corporate and financial affairs in American lifestyles. The eighth house is the house of pooled assets, or essentially, the house of capitalism. 
The Eighth House 
and Capitalism
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Uranus in 8th
Uranus is located in the 8th house of capitalism and corporate affairs. Uranus here represents American ingenuity, especially in regard to high tech inventions. 
Uranus in Gemini shows the corporate powerbase centered around the aeronautics and space industries. Uranus also symbolizes the individual entrepreneur, the electronics and computer industries, and any of the corporate enterprises based on new technologies. 
By transit, Uranus to the angles shows phases were American inventions and research kick into high gear. A prime example of this is when Uranus crossed the Midheaven in 1957 and 1958, and the space race began in earnest following the embarrassing Sputnik launch by the Soviets. Uranus aspecting its own natal position has shown a remarkable connection to radical awakening of industrial resources, the most prominent of which have been the two Uranus Returns in 1861 and 1944 when the country mobilized its military capacity to the maximum to wage war. 
This cycle is magnified, perhaps 
even defined by, the alignment of Uranus with the first magnitude star Antares, which emits or resonates with a powerful military vibration.
Americans experienced the Civil War and World War II during its first and secnd  Uranus returns

Mars in 8th
Mars here represents the military-industrial complex,and all those industries which rely on metals for their standing. This includes the Big Three car manufacturers, the steel mills, and railroads. When Mars is activated by transit or progression, often the sports news is prominently featured, as when strikes are taking place, or someone breaks a significant record. Mars activated also refers to military announcements, changes in the Pentagon's budget, and the appointment or important news surrounding particular generals. All of the 8th house planets have a bearing on the national debt, since this house governs long term debts and budgets. When Mars is activated, budgets are cut. Mars here further shows that military action is most often based on defending our "vested interests."
NeptuneCafe has an entire article on the nature of Mars in the U.S. horoscope, including what happens when a major outer planet hits Mars, and what it means that progressed Mars is now retrograde.

Venus in 8th
Venus in the 8th house represents all those corporate affairs that are ruled by this planet. That naturally includes the beauty and glamour industries, all artistic endeavors, the giant entertainment corporations, clothes, retail stores, shopping malls, and the huge women's magazines. Venus is in Cancer where she picks up the added meanings of family values, inheritance laws, famous women in American politics, actors, and musicians. 
Transiting Pluto was conjunct the U.S. Venus when the nation entered World War I on April 6, 1917. Transiting Pluto opposes the U.S. Venus beginning in 2009
Venus, as ruler of the 7th house of open enemies, and the 12th house of secret enemies, carries extra significance in the American chart beyond these more traditional assignments. Venus is activated whenever America goes to war. This definition is clearly seen historically both by progressing Venus, and by tracking Pluto's transits to Venus. Venus and Pluto, as rulers of the 1st and 7th houses, represent "us vs. them." Every 24 years Venus progresses through an entire sign. And when she forms an exact aspect to natal Pluto, the United States gets attacked, or goes on the offensive in war. Transiting Pluto's aspects to natal Venus show the same correlation, and the interested student is encouraged to investigate these two cycles throughout the twentieth century.

Jupiter in 8th
Jupiter in Cancer is right next to Venus in the U.S. chart, and the combination shows the immense resources available to aristocratic families through inheritance.Jupiter corresponds to the abundant financial resources that shape America's identity and image to the rest of the world. This is because Jupiter trines the Scorpio Ascendant, affecting the projected appearance, and the way America deals with other nations. This is the big business attitude backed up by the vast capital held in banking institutions, insurance companies, brokerage houses, and the other well-heeled corporations whose sole business is the buying and selling of money and other financial assets. 
The Waltons are America's wealthiest family. They collectively control some 39% of Wal-Mart stock, which is worth more than Bill Gates' and Warren Buffet's combined wealth.
One of Jupiter's meanings in America's eighth house of corporate finances is the largesse of political contributors.This includes corporate lobbyists, whose influence in Washington is now widely seen as being all-powerful. Congress and the Executive branches are pretty much in the hands of their campaign financial backers. Transiting Uranus and Pluto aspects to Jupiter in 1997 corresponded to the breaking of the Glass-Steagal Act. This Depression Era legislature was designed to protect market crashes which were triggered by conflicts of interest. For the first time in sixty years commercial banks are being allowed to buy America's largest and most influential brokerage houses. These same transits  also ushered in the first serious legislative attempts for Campaign Finance reform. Since the U.S. Jupiter and Bill Clinton's Midheaven both occupy 5° Cancer, we can see how Clinton was a natural proponent of Free Trade, at the center of the Campaign Finance issue, and in general a friend of Big Business.