Chiron in Celebrity Profiles
Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
A Marriage of Wounded Healers
NewsScope, June 17, 2002

Last Tuesday, wedding bells tolled for Sir Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills at a 17th century castle near Northern Ireland. After the "rock 'n roll" ceremony, the couple was whisked away by helicopter to begin their honeymoon on a private tropical island.

Paul McCartney was born a Mercury-ruled Gemini (June 18, 1942; 2:00 pm; Liverpool, England), and has Virgo Rising, which is also ruled by Mercury. His Mercury, prominently located near the Midheaven, and dramatically enhanced by a sextile to his Leo Moon, marks him as a professional writer. Since musical Neptune is on his Ascendant, he writes songs. The wedding took place right after the Solar Eclipse and Saturn formed a triple conjunction with McCartney's Mercury.

Heather Mills was born a mission-oriented Capricorn with her Moon in curious Gemini (January 12, 1968). Her life took a radically new direction on August 8, 1993 as the epochal Uranus-Neptune conjunction took place right on her Sun. Her leg was amputated following a car accident, and ever since then she has been an advocate for holistic treatment for amputees.

Chiron, the natural indicator for wounding and holistic health, is the strongest connection between their two charts. Her Chiron is in his Seventh House of partners and exactly square his Sun. They recognize and empathize with each other's physical and psychological wounds. Another important link between their charts is Juno, the marriage asteroid. Their Junos are in the exact same degree of Scorpio. McCartney's progressed Juno is now perfectly squaring his natal Chiron, marking the ceremony as a marriage of wounded healers.
Heather Mills, the Wounded Dancer      NewsScope, March 19, 2007

Heather Mills thinks she can tango, and so do the producers of the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars. Mills, who is in the midst of a contentious divorce from Paul McCartney, assures everyone her leg won't come flying off. In Heather Mills' progressed chart, her Juno has advanced to 13º Scorpio, a position now being squared by transiting Chiron as she makes her debut on the dance floor. Chiron to Juno makes her the wounded dance partner.
Chiron in QE2's Family

Queen Elizabeth II was born with Capricorn Rising (April 21, 1926; 2:40 am; London), the sign associated with a business-like attitude and a stiff upper lip. This makes responsible Saturn the ruler of her horoscope, and it's found right on her Scorpio Midheaven which defines her public image. Saturn's prominent position here, bolstered by its network of aspects, reigns over her entire chart and the British empire.

Chiron is strongly placed in the Queen's chart by being conjunct her Sun. Curiously, this Sun-conjunct-Chiron signature is found in all three of her sons' charts (what are the odds?). Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward all have Sun conjunct Chiron. Chiron represents the feeling of being an outsider or wounded in some way: being a Royal does set one off from the crowd. When Diana died on August 31, 1997, transiting Chiron was opposite the Queen's Sun-Chiron, as the notion of being a psychologically-wounded outsider became a national issue, as actress Helen Mirren portrayed in the film The Queen.
Chiron also plays a role in Prince Harry's horoscope (September 15, 1984; 4:20 pm; London). Harry's Mercury in Virgo bestows keen analytical traits, yet is square to quirky Uranus, and also square to Chiron, which can lead to great mental anguish and bizarre behavior.
In January 2000, Spin City star Michael J. Fox announced he was quitting the show to engage in a full-time fight against Parkinson’s disease. The popular actor was born a silver-tongued Gemini (June 9, 1961; 12:15 am; Edmonton, Canada) with his Sun in the fourth House of family.

Fox was born with Chiron opposite Pluto, and the two aligned with his karmic lunar node axis. At the time of his announcement, transiting Chiron and Pluto were conjunct and right on his Midheaven. Parkinson’s disease was not only hurting his career, but also robbing him of time with his family. From this point on, his professional role would be as a Wounded Healer, specializing in advocating stem cell research.
Christopher Reeve was born a graceful Libra (September 25, 1952; 3:12 am; New York, NY) with Pluto rising in dramatic Leo. Libras are often endowed with a charming personality, a trait exemplified in his portrayal of Superman, as Reeve balanced a bumbling humility with physical perfection and superhuman strength. Pluto on the Leo Ascendant depicts a person with a strong desire to make an impact on the world, and indeed, Reeve had a profound influence on the quest for stem-cell research.

On May 27, 1995 Reeve was pitched off his horse in a tragic riding accident, an event which changed his life forever. The natal potential for this transformation can be seen in his Sun square Chiron (often associated with being handicapped), and in the aspect network around his Mars. The determined, wheelchair-bound Reeve became an international symbol for hope, a genuine Wounded Healer.
Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney,  can be seen in her father's horoscope (January 30, 1941; 7:30 pm; Lincoln, NB). The fifth house rules children, and Dick Cheney's Venus there refers to both his daughters. Venus here has several strong connections to other planets in his chart, reflecting the different approaches his daughters take on their individual life paths. The trines to Uranus and Neptune show how their first daughter Elizabeth has a fairly straightforward, non-controversial lifestyle.

Venus also opposes Chiron, and this combination can be seen as the "wounded daughter", i.e., Mary, or perhaps, Dick Cheney's feeling of being wounded by his daughter's sexual orientation. In October 2006 during the national election debates, Mary's lifestyle became a hot button issue. At the time, transiting Chiron was in a developmental opposition to its natal position and conjunct Venus, corresponding perfectly to the sudden emergence of Mary Cheney onto the national stage.
Here's a look at how Chiron has played out in the charts of well-known celebrities. Sometimes the wound is physical, as in the cases of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve. More often than not, the wound manifests psychologically as a feeling of being different, of not fitting in. This can take the form of feeling special, as in the case of Paris Hilton or Queen Elizabeth II, or that something's not "normal", as in the case of Dick Cheney.
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