Paris Hilton fans were aghast last week when the judge ordered her to jail for 45 days beginning on June 5. In January, Paris pleaded "no contest" to reckless driving stemming from her arrest on September 7, 2006 for driving under the influence. The judge was undoubtedly swayed toward harshness since Paris ignored a court order to attend an alcohol education program
Paris Hilton
Heiress and Star of The Simple Life
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Her birth time is unknown; the time given here is rectified by the author and should be considered speculative.
Paris Hilton, The Poor Billionaire
NewsScope, November 17, 2003

Jet setter Paris Hilton, heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, was slammed with a $10 million lawsuit last week only a few weeks before her debut in Fox TV's new reality show The Simple Life. Her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon filed a slander suit against her in a dispute over a three-year old sex video that shows the two in an intimate encounter.

Paris Hilton was born with a diamond-studded silver spoon in her mouth when the Sun was in the last degree of Aquarius (February 17, 1981; NYC; 8:37 pm). With her Moon in royal Leo, Paris Hilton thrives on being the center of attention, and has previously made headline news with her rude and snotty antics. As she now knows, when transiting Uranus arrives on your Sun, everything seems to happen at once.

Her Venus in Aquarius is supported by favorable trines to three planets in Libra, giving her natural beauty and grace, and a viable career as a model and actress. All these Aquarius and Libra planets create an active social life. However, her Venus also forms a close square to Chiron, and this combo tends to be unlucky in love.

Venus square Chiron often feels deficient as an attractive, sexual partner, and inspires compensation by going overboard in flaunting her feminine charms. She may even feel like a victim in her social life, like an outsider. Paris expressed this in a recent interview when she said about herself and her younger sister, "I wish people would just treat us like the simple, down-to-earth, multibillionaire heiresses we are."
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We'll Always Have Paris
NewsScope June 11, 2007

The Los Angeles Sheriff's office set off a furor last Thursday when it announced that Paris Hilton would be released from jail after serving only three days of a 23-day sentence. Responding rapidly to a storm of criticism, the judge reversed the Sheriff's decision, and sent a tearful Paris back to the slammer. Most major media interrupted their regular broadcasts to cover this celebrity news story.

Paris Hilton was born (February 17, 1981; 8:37 pm, New York, NY) with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction near her Libra Ascendant. She went to jail as transiting Mercury, the ruler of her 12th house of incarceration, was conjunct her Midheaven and heading into a square with her Saturn. Under the influence of Mercury-to-Saturn, she responded with the appropriate sense of remorse.

Then, as transiting Mercury was squaring her Jupiter, she was let go for unspecified medical reasons. Astrologically, the unexpected early release and then the dramatic return are characteristic of electric Uranus, which is now nearing its maximum voltage. Uranus is pausing at 18º Pisces in preparation for its retrograde phase where it makes an exact quincunx to Paris Hilton's Moon at 18º Leo.

Some people go crazy when transiting Uranus makes a hard hit to their Moon. Getting shocked (Uranus) out of their comfort zone (Moon) makes for an emotional roller coaster and high anxiety. Paris's psychological stability is volatile in any case, since she has Uranus in the third house of mental attitude where it squares her Sun. The Sheriff reported that she was suffering from a mental disorder, and her condition was deteriorating. The astrology confirms this assessment.
Paris Hilton was born with her Moon in the royal sign of Leo (February 17, 1981; 8:37 pm; New York City, NY), a placement that gives the personality great pride, showmanship, and love of luxury. Her Moon's placement is especially significant as the ruler of her Midheaven, signifying her reputation. Her arrest on September 7 took place as transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct her Moon.
This biwheel features Paris's rectified birth time of 8:37 pm on the inside and June 8 transits (her return to jail) on the outside. Note transiting Uranus (and the Moon) forming a quincunx (150º) to her natal Moon.
Saturn was rising when Paris Hilton was born (if her rectified time is correct), which instills a strong sense of responsibility and ambition. Saturn here pushed her into modeling, starting a perfume business, and an ongoing career in TV (The Simple Life). However, with her Aquarius Sun square Uranus, she is comfortable being a wild card, one who flaunts tradition and social expectations.
After September 2006, Saturn proceeded deeper into Leo, entered its retrograde phase, and then moved forward again. Last Friday, when the judge sentenced her, Saturn was once again exactly on her Leo Moon. On June 5, Mercury, the ruler of her twelfth house of incarceration, will be right on her Midheaven. However, with transiting Pluto favorably sextile her natal Mercury, she'll probably spend only a few hours or days there.
Paris Hilton Heading for Jail
NewsScope May 7, 2007