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Clinton's Sun is sextile to the marriage asteroid Juno, found in the last degree of Sagittarius. The sextile indicates how well marriage works for her, how a commitment to her partner supports her personal goals. Her Juno opposes Uranus, an uneasy combination, and an indicator of unexpected upsets within the marriage. Juno at 29º Sagittarius was extremely significant for the 2008 presidential campaign, since transiting Pluto passed back and forth across this point. Her marriage to Bill was undoubtedly a key factor in the outcome.
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The asteroids can help verify her exact birth time. Hillary Rodham first entered the national spotlight when she was the first student in Welleseley College history chosen to deliver the commencement address. Her speech received a standing ovation that lasted for seven minutes, and because it had criticized Republican Senator Edward Brooke (who made his remarks just before her), the speech received national attention, including a photo-essay in Life magazine.

At the time, her progressed Midheaven (using the 8:02 am birth time) was at 26º Virgo, where it formed an exact sextile to her Vesta, the symbol for her scholarly achievements. The progressed Midheaven here is also just past the square to Uranus, reflecting the controversy she sparked. The immense popularity and honor that arrived at that time can be seen in her progressed Venus at 4º30' Cancer, which formed an exact sextile (orb: 0º05') to her Midheaven. This event alone makes 8:02 am look good. One might note that, in addition, transiting Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune were all forming exact hits to her Vesta on that day, while transiting Saturn was trine her Midheaven (orb: 0º40').

Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton on October 11, 1975 when transiting Venus was exactly conjunct her Midheaven and the transiting North Node was conjunct her Ascendant (orb: 0º37'). Considering the secondary progressions, her progressed Venus was exactly trine her Saturn (orb 0º12'), which is the most elevated planet in her chart. Her progressed Midheaven forms a quincunx to Ceres, as her progressed Ascendant is exactly trine her fifth house Fortuna (or Part of Fortune), and her progressed Fortuna is conjunct natal Fortuna. These connections hint that marriage was the predecessor for having children, or at least one child.

Chelsea Clinton was born on February 27, 1980 when a transiting Mars-Jupiter conjunction was right on Hillary's Midheaven at 4º Virgo. Mars at 4º35' Virgo was exactly, to-the-minute conjunct her Midheaven. By secondary progression, her progressed Midheaven and progressed Jupiter were exactly sextile (orb: 0º28'). The progressed Sun was forming an exact square to her Midheaven, which at the time of Chelsea's birth was only 0º14' past exact.

By the time Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992, Hillary's progressed Mars was nearing her Midheaven and her progressed Mercury was squaring her Midheaven. The inauguration ceremony on January 20, 1993 officially made Hillary Rodham Clinton the nation's First Lady, but with her progressed Mars near the Midheaven, she would naturally be an active, assertive influence in the political arena. Days after the inauguration, on January 25, she was appointed to head the task force for health care reform, which she undertook as her progressed Midheaven formed a sextile to her Saturn.

On November 7, 2000, Hillary defeated Rick Lazio to become the elected Senator from New York, and was sworn in two months later when her progressed Moon was exactly opposite her Midheaven. By this time her progressed Mars had crossed her Midheaven, and was now at 5º04' Virgo. Her tenure as First Lady had been filled with conflict, both personal and political. This state of affairs was readily reflected by her progressed Mars going over her Midheaven. The precise hits to and from Hillary's Midheaven during her life's most important events confirm a birth time of 8:02 am.
Hillary's Sun also forms an out-of-sign square to Vesta, which is found on the cusp of her ninth house. Of Vesta's many facets, the natural associations with devotion and scholarship come out strongest when Vesta is in the ninth house of religion and higher education. Here we see Hillary's deep religious convictions, which are so strong, that she verges on being a nun. Vesta in the ninth house can be described as one's Inner High Priestess. Vesta here, along with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn place extra emphasis on ninth house affairs, which she first manifested as an exceptional student – at Wellesley College she was her graduating class's valedictorian, with honors in Political Science. The ninth house also governs law, and Hillary established her reputation as a rising star at Yale Law School, which is also where she met Bill Clinton. By 1979, Hillary became the first woman to be made a full partner at the venerable Rose Law Firm.

Hillary's Sun is sextile to the marriage asteroid Juno, found in the last degree of Sagittarius. The sextile indicates how well marriage works for her, how a commitment to her partner supports her personal goals. Her Juno opposes Uranus, an uneasy combination, and an indicator of unexpected upsets within the marriage. Juno at 29º Sagittarius is extremely significant for the upcoming presidential campaign, since transiting Pluto passes back and forth across this point. Her marriage to Bill will undoubtedly be a key factor in the outcome.

The fourth asteroid, Pallas, is located near her fourth house cusp, the foundation of her chart. Pallas is strongly placed in Aquarius, where it gives a keen interest in politics and networking. Pallas is widely quincunx (150º) her Sun, but closely sextile Juno and trine Uranus, which enhance the social skills and creative intelligence associated with Pallas. This Pallas influence describes a professional demeanor that allows her to work with or compete against men on an equal footing. The Sun-Pallas link is the hallmark of the political strategist. (Incidentally, Grover Cleveland's Sun was conjunct Pallas.)

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An astrological view of the
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Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of a few American celebrities who can be readily identified by her first name. Being born at 8:02 am (October 26, 1947; Chicago) puts Hillary's Sun in the twelfth house, which is not a bad placement for a prominent politician. The sense of self finds fulfillment by connecting to the collective, so that the personal drive becomes a force for the common good. Recent examples of the Sun in the twelfth house include George Bush and Tony Blair, but here too, one notices that as an elected politician, an unusual emphasis is placed on secret information and intelligence services. But the association of the twelfth house with hidden enemies is also present in her life: Hillary's tenure in the White House as the First Lady was characterized by relentless attacks from her detractors, who spent an inordinate amount of time and money digging up her past.

The main elements of this horoscope have been described by many other astrologers, but there's one common misconception in the delineation that I would like to address. Hillary's Sun in Scorpio has only one connection to any of the traditional planets in her chart. This is the out-of-sign trine to Uranus, which some astrologers consider to be invalid, and thus conclude that she has an unaspected Sun.  The question arises: how can an individual become a world leader with an unaspected Sun? To my mind, it can't be done. The only President in U.S. history who came close to having an unaspected Sun was Grover Cleveland, but if one uses a 10 degree orb, his Sun does trine a Mars-Jupiter conjunction.
The time of 8:02 am used here is rectified from the widely reported time of 8:00 am. The content of this page is excerpted from Michael O'Reilly's cover story for Dell Horoscope's July 2007 issue

However, when considering the four major asteroids,Hillary's Sun suddenly becomes alive with connections.

Her Sun is nearly exactly opposite Ceres, located in the sixth house. This is the closest aspect to her Sun and thus makes the strongest impression on her personality. As a policy-maker during her stay in the White House, Ms. Clinton headed up the task force that proposed a sweeping health care plan, which can be directly associate with her Ceres (and its caretaking function) in the sixth house of health. While in Washington, she initiated the Children's Health Insurance program, Adoption and Safe Families Act, and hosted numerous White House conferences relating to children's health. Earlier, when she was Arkansas' First Lady, she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children, and served on the boards of the Arkansas Children's Hospital and the Children's Defense Fund. Clearly, if one understands the symbolism of Ceres, this asteroid is the primary motivator in her personal pursuit of the common good.

Grover Cleveland's Sun was conjunct Pallas, the political asteroid
Here's some introductory material on Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas - the four major asteroids
With her Sun directly connected to all four of the major asteroids, Hillary Clinton is channeling our era's most prominent feminine archetypes. She is a feminist and a wife, a mother and a professional – she's covering all the bases.
Far from having no connections to her Sun, Hillary Clinton is personifying the 21st century's emerging Goddess culture, with all it's inherent contradictions, complexities, and social graces.
This page is under construction. More will be added to it as Ms. Clinton assumes her new role. Meanwhile, here's some background info on her natal horoscope, based on her 8:02 am birth time.
Hillary and Bill's composite chart
helps verify her birth time of 8:02 am