Mexico revolted against Spain on September 15, 1810, and some astrologers use this moment for the birth of the nation. Another chart, set for the independence of Mexico on February 24, 1821 is also popular. However, Mexico remained an autocracy until the revolutionary Constitution was signed on January 31, 1917. The ceremony began at 4:00 pm LMT, which is 4:42 pm CST. A horoscope set for this moment works well for modern Mexico
Mexico's Chaotic Election, Part 2
NewsScope July 17, 2006

An astrologer from Mexico wrote in about last week's commentary on her country's chaotic presidential election: "I found it very interesting, even though it was short!" She adds that she's living these days with great anxiety and uncertainty about the future, and notes that Mercury turned retrograde right around the July 2 election. "Could the alleged results change in favor of the other candidate?"

Mexico's widely respected election tribunal must validate results by August 31, during which time Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are forming a powerful T-square. The immense celestial confrontation between these planets will undoubtedly be reflected in political confrontations around the world, but especially in Mexico where they align with key planets in the national horoscope. Looking at the two leading candidates' personal charts helps clarify the situation.
News Bulletin:

Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said yesterday he will continue protest camps that have paralyzed downtown Mexico City until at least September, unless the electoral court orders a recount in the disputed July 2 election.

-- August 14, 2006
News Bulletin:

Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon sought political allies on Wednesday in the huge task of healing a country divided by poverty and his razor-thin election victory.

A court handed Calderon the presidency on Tuesday after throwing out charges by leftist rival Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador the July 2 election was fraudulent.

-- September 5, 2006
NeptuneCafe presents...
Mexico's horoscope is set for the signing ceremony for the new constitution on January 31, 1917 (4:42 pm CST; Querataro, Mexico), an event that deposed the oppressive power of the monarchy and Catholic Church. The Sun in Aquarius reflects the human rights ideals of Mexico, with a Mars-Uranus conjunction also in Aquarius describing the truly revolutionary shift toward democracy.

However, until recently, only one party has controlled Mexico's government. Vicente Fox was elected in July 2000 as Mexico was experiencing its first Uranus Return, re-kindling its revolutionary idealism. Now, transiting Neptune — the planet of fraud and uncertainty – is conjunct Mexico's Uranus, putting a fog over the entire process. At the same time, transiting Saturn is opposing Mexico's Sun, perhaps indicating the judgmental role of the Federal Electoral Tribunal* in deciding the outcome.

Saturn goes on to oppose Mexico's Mars-Uranus conjunction in August and early September as the Federal Election Tribunal weighs its final decision. Under this kind of planetary stress, we can expect plenty of unrest. Progressing Mexico's horoscope shows that the progressed Sun squares the natal Sun, and progressed Mars is conjunct Jupiter – all supportive of tremendous upheaval over the coming year.
The Aztec Goddess Unearthed
NewsScope, August 13, 2007

Mexican archeologists recently announced the discovery of what they believe is the lost tomb of the Aztec Emperor Ahuizotl, who died in 1502 – just 17 years before Hernando Cortes and his conquistadors arrived. Until now, no royal tomb has ever been found, since the Spanish built Mexico City on top of the Aztec tombs. But the devastating 1985 earthquake created an opening to the subterranean civilization.
The Astrology of Mexico
Tlaltecuhtli is the Aztec's fiercesome Goddess of the Earth, and is associated with earthquakes
Mexico's national horoscope (see below) reflects the excitement around this discovery, since transiting Uranus was exactly (to-the-minute) trine the Ascendant when the announcement came on August 3. Archeologists expect to enter the tomb this fall, when transiting Pluto forms a trine to Mexico's tenth house Jupiter, an aspect that will substantially improve the country's international standing.

Mexico's chart features Neptune conjunct Saturn in the first house of projected identity. Practical Saturn and mystical Neptune aren't comfortable together, and one way to read this aspect is the uneasy blending between the controlling Spanish patriarchy and the indigenous population with a royal past (Neptune is in Leo). Mexico's Pluto is found in the twelfth house, where it may readily be linked to hidden archeological treasures.
The 8.5 earthquake struck at 7:19 am on September 19, 1985 (18ºN12 and 105ºW30). Transiting Neptune was opposing Mexico's Pluto, and transiting Pluto was squaring Mexico's Neptune, a doubled influence that promises to reunite modern Mexico with North America's greatest pre-Columbian empire. The collapsing Catholic buildings eventually made visible a stone monolith of the earth goddess Tlaltecuhtli. She held in her hands ten dots and a rabbit, which corresponds to the year 1502 in the Aztec calendar.
Mexico's Chaotic Election
NewsScope for July 10, 2006

On July 2 Mexicans by the millions cast their votes for their next President, having five candidates to choose from. A week later, following an extremely close vote between the two frontrunners, officials declared Felipe Calderon the winner. The populist candidate Lopez Obrador demanded a recount, alleging voter fraud, and that he would lead mass protests if he was denied his victory.
Runner-up Lopez Obrador was born with his Sun in Scorpio (November 13, 1953; Macuspana, Mexico; time unknown). Even though he officially lost by the thinnest of margins, transiting Jupiter is in Scorpio now, and favors his campaign to overthrow his opponent's victory based on massive voting fraud. Obrador's best chance for ultimate success arrives in mid-October when transiting Jupiter is conjunct his Sun.
However, the winning candidate, Felipe Calderon, was born with his Sun in Leo (August 18, 1962; Morelia, Mexico; time unknown), which is where transiting Saturn is now. The official winner takes office on December 1, and that happens to be when transiting Saturn turns retrograde while right on Calderon's Sun. Authoritative Saturn is supported by a powerful trine from transiting Pluto, so he will most likely assume the presidency then.
Mexico's Mars-Uranus conjunction in revolutionary Aquarius carries the potential for violent protest.
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<~~ this chart is set for the earthquake's epicenter, about 31 miles off the coast of Mexico