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Joe Biden as Obama's Veep

NewsScope; August 25, 2008. One major drawback in Obama's horoscope is that he has no planets in the tenth house, which goes against the historical record of elected presidents. A national leader needs tenth house planets to govern, to give the impression that he's in charge. Obama's planetary emphasis is in the seventh house, where he leads through the medium of the people he has around him.

Joe Biden (November 20, 1942; 8:30 am; Scranton, PA) fills this leadership gap since his Scorpio Sun and Venus sit right on Obama's Scorpio Midheaven. Technically, Biden's Scorpio stellium is actually in Obama's ninth house of foreign affairs, so this is where Biden's expertise will play out. Biden's Mars in Scorpio closely squares Obama's Sun, so that we may expect him to be very forceful in his advice.
Biden's seventh house of partners is dominated by Uranus on the Descendant. On December 18, 1972 Biden's wife was killed in a car accident. At the time, his progressed Mars was right on his Sagittarius Ascendant and opposing natal Uranus. Since Biden's Uranus is conjunct Obama's Moon, this is an important point to watch for any sudden changes in their relationship.

Biden's progressed Mars is now at 28º Sagittarius, and is being activated over the next two months by transiting Pluto. This assures us that he will energetically take up the role of attack dog in the presidential campaign. The Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day is exactly aligned with Biden's Midheaven, indicating a dramatic stimulus to his career. Factor in his progressed Moon and Midheaven positions, and he looks favored to move to the world's center stage.
Obama speaks fondly of Doris Kearns Goodman's book on Lincoln Team of Rivals, which describes how Lincoln assembled his political rivals to be in his cabinet. Obama's seventh house contains three "malefics": Mars, Uranus and Pluto, which is a celestial set-up for attracting strong-willed adversaries and/or partners.

Michelle Obama, Senior Adviser

NewsScope; April 21, 2008. Michelle Obama was born with her Capricorn Sun conjunct Mars (January 17, 1964; Chicago, IL; time unknown), a feisty combination that gives an edgy first impression, or as some say, an outgoing and aggressively friendly personality. With her Mars in egalitarian, humanitarian Aquarius, Michelle's fight is for equal rights, as much for women as blacks.
Comparing Michelle's and Barack's charts reveals a dynamic mix of supportive and challenging connec-tions. Natally, Michelle has a wonderful Ceres-Jupiter trine in fire signs, giving her a pioneering 
social  vision. Barack's Sun in Leo completes a Grand Trine with Michelle's Ceres-Jupiter, so that together, they form a creative, energetic, and inspirational team. His Jupiter in Aquarius conjoins her Sun-Mars, adding to their mutually supportive roles.

Michelle's Saturn is exactly quincunx Barack's Mars, and this combination can lead to antagonism and ultimatums. A well-known example is when she refused to join his presidential campaign unless he quit smoking. Her Pallas,
the political strategy asteroid, is near his Midheaven and exactly sextile his Mars. With both being activated by transiting Uranus over the next few months, we can expect that she will be playing an increasingly larger role as his senior adviser.
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Hillary Clinton
(October 26, 1947; 8:02 am; Chicago, IL) was born with an exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Leo, giving her a warrior's fighting spirit, especially when she's on a
noble mission. This Mars-Pluto combo is right on Obama's Leo Sun, which helps explain their  heated interactions during the campaign. However, designating her as Secretary of State is astrologically synergistic, since her Mars-Pluto is in the ninth house of foreign affairs.

Ms. Clinton is bound to be an international star under this new role. As Pluto enters Capricorn, it will trine her Virgo Midheaven, bringing her into the transformational situations that are restructuring our global village. Her progressed Sun also trines her Midheaven, so that between Pluto and her progressed Sun, she is becoming empowered in ways that she imagined she would as president.
Obama's Key Cabinet Appointment
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