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re: oil - Thanks for sharing the goodness on Neptune Cafe I'm delivering a presentation in a couple days, and I've been digging the oil history I've found there!

re: Miley Cyrus data - Love your Neptune Café blog.... What is your source for that Miley Cyrus' birthday? Astrodatabank has 6:37 am, but it looks like a solar rising chart to me. Their source is some comment on facebook.

A. Yes, the Facebook data is suspect and rated C. My colleague John Halloran sent me her birth time with this note: 
"Source: FCC q. vital registry office/AA
     FCC is Frank C. Clifford. I probably got this from an issue of the AFA's Today's Astrologer."

re: Nyad - You should do a bit on Diana Nyad. She's amazing.

re: classes - I have been a fan for over two years now and have learned more from you than any other site. I was wondering if you offer any astrology classes?

A. That's something to consider... 

re: Uranus - You wrote: "Still ahead: the U.S. progressed Sun squares natal Uranus in late October, a combination that historically has gotten Americans entangled in war." Seriously? Every single time? Has there ever been such a progression without a war? And if so, what caused that anomoly? (she said, hope hope hoping...)

A. I mean the activation of Uranus, as described two weeks ago. Every major activation of Uranus since WW2 has brought Americans into war. The exception was Reagan's refusal to enter the Lebanon civil war after the U.S. embassy in Beirut was bombed. See NewsScope August 26, 2013 for clarification.

​re: election - How do you explain your incorrect call on the election?

A. Black Moon Lilith. See FAQ on the Lilith Front Page as well as the Oct 1, 2012 NewsScope article (before the election) about the role Romney's Lilith played in his defeat.

re: geodetics - One can correlate the zodiac with areas on the planet, which is called geodetic astrology. Zero degres Aries runs through Greenwich and the signs advance east from there. So Washington DC would have 12 degrees Capricorn at the MC. It would be interesting to to see you taking a position on this, with reasons.

A. I just read a book which definitively proves that the 0 degrees Aries meridian goes through Jerusalem. It's called Astrogeographia by Robert Powell. The thing is, I'm already involved with so many controversial stances (Scorpio Rising US chart, asteroids and Lilith), that I don't feel up to deciphering the geodetic puzzle. National charts work very well, so for the time being I'll stick with those.

re: Snowden relocated - Such a nice, clear statement. I've gone on and on trying to share the same point. I began relocating charts in 1970 before I'd seen an ACG map. They are very useful, especially when doing mundane work, but for the refinement, nothing beats a horoscope.

re: Tornado Alley and ACG maps- Your reasoning about tornados in the U.S. may be correct, but you have an obvious technical error. Or at the very least, your wording misrepresents what an AstroCartoGraphy map is. You say, "[W]hen relocating the U.S. chart to Moore, Oklahoma, Mercury is right on the Midheaven and Pluto is three degrees from the 4th house cusp, the IC."  What's wrong is that relocating the chart is irrelevant because relocating the chart does not change the AstroCartoGraphy map in the slightest.  An ACG map represents where you would have to relocate to get certain celestial bodies on the angles. You don't have to relocate the original chart to see that. 

re: royal baby - Thanks for your very interesting Newscope articles -- I always like your topics. I hope someone will be interested in doing the Royal baby's chart---I didn't think it would quite be a Leo - it isn't, right?

A. If George were born 32 minutes later, he would be a Leo. Many astrologers have written good profiles on the young prince, so I'll pass on this story. But I hope you enjoy the Royal Succession angle.

re: economic collapse - Of late there are increasing numbers of astrology posts and websites warning of a financial collapse that will soon affect the entire world—not just the US. Many write this collapse will really “kick-in “beginning later this year” and are reporting the financial signs are overwhelmingly obvious now. My question to you is have you looked into this from an astrological standpoint? 

A. No, I don't believe financial collapse will be kicking in later this year, especially in the U.S. While the Uranus-Pluto square is certainly cause for concern, in the U.S. chart transiting Saturn and Pluto are harmoniously related to the Scorpio Ascendant, which strengthens America's corporatocracy. Corporations are holding record amounts of cash and reporting strong earnings. Plus, with transiting Jupiter conjoining the U.S. Sun through April 2014, it won't be until after then that any real pullback kicks in, at least in the U.S. 

re: economic collapse, cont. - Your response cheered me up considerably because there is a LOT of doom and gloom about an economic collapse later this year. Your info might cheer a LOT of other people as well, and perhaps drive more people to your site because you will be reporting different information than the doom & gloom prognosticators are providing.

A. Unless an astrologer uses the Scorpio Rising national horoscope, the strengthening of the U.S. corporatocracy isn't apparent. 

re: Gold - Thanks so much for your gold horoscope, but I wish you had created it much sooner. However, I feel that gold and silver have bottomed and in August should really begin the blow-off, final third phase of its bull market which should propel the price/value of gold to over $5,000/oz. and silver near $200/oz. as global financial/economic conditions and debasement of currencies scare the hell out of discerning people! 

re: Zimmerman - Love your weekly NewsScope. Have you looked at George Zimmerman's birth chart and current transits? That would make a very interesting article with your interpretations (Saturn return, Pluto squaring natal Sun, etc) Thanks. 

A. Many readers asked about Zimmerman's horoscope as well as Trayvon Martin's. I looked at both their charts just after the incident took place. They both have volatile, danger-seeking Mars-Uranus aspects. You can see their charts and read the article here: April 9, 2012

re: Iran - An update of the Iran page to reflect current events would be appreciated.

re: NewsScope - Great column! It's my pipeline to international news (and has been now for more than a decade). I adore it. One suspects that the writer has a strong Mercury :)

re: Gold - I just read your piece on Nixon's August 15, 1971 speech taking the U.S. off the gold standard. The time he supposedly started the speech was 9 PM in Washington, DC. I figured that he took around ten to fifteen minutes to get to the part on the gold standard. Using 9:15 PM, I have a chart with Pisces rising and Sagittarius MC. One of my considerations for using the public speech instead of the private signing of the executive order is that gold is a public commodity whose price everyone can know, therefore a public speech makes more sense to me.

A. I'm considering the time he signed the executive order, which was before the TV appearance, and records indicate "in the evening". I guess the proof of the pudding is when you an use one of these charts to profit from buying and selling gold stocks or futures.... I did notice a preponderance of planets in the 9 degree area at key turning points, tops and bottoms, which is why I placed 9 Scorpio at the MC, and Ceres at the Descendant. Another option is 6:14 pm which makes the Ascendant the same as Nixon's Capricorn Sun.

re: Federer - So happy about your response about Federer!!!!! It should be posted on his Facebook page. We, his crazy fans, were just terrified that we may have reached the end of an era.

re: Lilith - Thanks as always for your very interesting articles. I find the Black Moon Lilith information especially intriguing.

re: Newcomers - I want to thank you for your "Newcomers" page. I've been introducing some friends to astrology and this page will be very helpful to them. I'm pleased, too, that my library includes several of the recommended books. I may pick them up and re-read them as a good review!
April  2009 - Dec 2011
at NeptuneCafe's 
NewsScope archives
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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
July 1, 2013 - The astrology of gold prices, July's top five astro-events, and Paula Deen's fall from grace.

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Aug. 26, 2013 - War and Aldebaran-Antares, Nasdaq halts, Bradley Manning's Sun-Saturn-Uranus.

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Sept. 16, 2013 - Diana Nyad's epic swim; the Gates Foundation, Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

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January 2012 - May 2013
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NewsScope archives
October 1999 - March 2009
at StarIQ's
NewsScope for September 30, 2013
By Michael Wolfstar

Ted Cruz Fights Obamacare

While most Republicans agree on the importance of defunding Obamacare, few are willing to oversee a government shutdown. However, Texas Senator Ted Cruz advised his fellow Tea Party colleagues to not support House Speaker John Boehner’s efforts to fund the government, and they took his advice. For his part, Cruz went on a 21-hour filibuster, one of the longest in American history.
Ted Cruz was born with his Sun in serious, patriarchal Capricorn (December 22, 1970; Calgary, Canada; time unknown), which forms a tight square to Pluto. The dynamic Sun-Pluto aspect has a fascination with power and is prone to making all-or-nothing ultimatums. Cruz’s Sun is also sextile Pallas, the political asteroid, and trioctile (135º) Saturn, making the firebrand conservative a strong-willed strategist willing to use extreme tactics.

Cruz’s Mercury in clear-thinking Capricorn is modified by a sharp square to Uranus, which leads to tactless, abrupt statements and an unwillingness to listen to others’ opinions. This Mercury-Uranus square is what makes Cruz an unpredictable radical, willing to go his own way and flout tradition. With his Uranus exactly squaring the U.S. Sun, he’s directing the way to upsetting the national leadership.
Cruz’s Mercury is fueled by a sextile to Mars in Scorpio, and given endurance by a trine to Saturn in fiscally-conservative Taurus. Transiting Saturn, Uranus and Pluto were all aspecting his Mars (which conjoins the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant) when he entered the record books last week for his filibuster. National polls indicate that Republicans are turning his way, and with the transiting Uranus-Pluto square activating his Mercury-Uranus over the next year (and the U.S. Sun), he’s well positioned to lead a radicalized Republican resurgence.
IPCC Issues Wake-Up Call

Last Friday the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a compelling report stating with virtual certainty that human activity is the main cause of rising temperatures. The IPCC warned of rising sea levels and provided a recommended limit of one trillion tons of carbon released into the atmosphere to avoid the worst effects, a limit estimated to be reached by 2040.
The IPCC was created by a United Nations resolution that passed on December 6, 1988 (12:30 pm*; New York, NY) when the Sun and Mercury were in the Big Picture sign of Sagittarius. Ceres, the care-taking asteroid, is right on the Pisces Ascendant, giving the scientific body the image of guardians of the Earth’s ecosystem. Black Moon Lilith in Virgo opposes Ceres, providing an endless source of hostile criticism based on hidden motives.

With Pisces Rising, Neptune (the King of the Seas) is the ruler of this chart, and is located in Capricorn, the sign of government. Neptune closely squares an aggressive Mars in Aries, leading to bold and dramatic warnings. The IPCC won the Nobel Peace Prize on October 12, 2007 under an empowering double Midheaven-Pluto theme: transiting Pluto was conjunct the Midheaven, and the progressed Midheaven was sextile natal Pluto. 
Last week’s report was issued when transiting Pluto turned direct right on the IPCC Neptune (orb: 0º00’). This exact hit on the IPCC’s ruling planet is bound to make huge waves. The nature of the IPCC’s wake-up call will become clear by December 16 when transiting Uranus turns direct while exactly conjunct the IPCC Mars. It will take a huge outer planet dynamic like this Uranus-Pluto square to make governments change, and the IPCC is stepping up to urge the process forward. 
* The time here is estimated from the following private corrrespondence concerning the time of the IPCC resolution’s adoption: 

General Assembly resolution was adopted during the 70th meeting of the 43rd session of the General Assembly, on the December 6th 1988. 
This meeting started at 10.35 am and ended at 12.45. The resolution was adopted at the end of the meeting, probably during the 30 last minutes of the meeting. We do not have the exact time. But only a few statements followed the adoption.

Kindest regard,
Joëlle Sciboz
United Nations Reference Team
Dag Hammarskjöld Library
United Nations Headquarters, New York
Chris Hemsworth in Rush

Like soccer, Formula 1 racing never really caught on in the U.S., which is why Ron Howard had to make Rush as an independent film. He captures the thrill of the fastest racing cars in the world by focusing on the epic 1976 season in which British bad boy James Hunt (played by Thor star Chris Hemsworth) eventually triumphs over his Austrian rival.
Hemsworth was born with his Leo Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith (August 11, 1983; Melbourne, Australia; time unknown), which gives him the mysterious depth that director Ron Howard was looking for in his lead character. Beyond Hemsworth’s pretty face lay a complex psyche that willingly risked death during every moment of the Grand Prix races. And of course, Hemsworth’s Mars is also unusually dynamically placed.

Like the original James Hunt (b. August 29, 1947), Hemsworth has Mars in defensive Cancer, which traditional astrology asserts is poorly placed. But on the race track one needs to be extremely defensive, so in this case it’s an asset. Hemsworth’s Mars readily expresses the attraction to risk and danger with the trine to a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in speedy Sagittarius. And his Mars also squares a Saturn-Pluto conjunction which ensures dramatic life-and-death scenes.
Currently, Hemsworth’s progressed Mars is at 17º Leo, exactly conjunct his Leo Sun.* In this way, he embodies the hero who risks everything to win. Although it’s a cinematic effort, we are reminded that he shed 40 pounds from his muscular portrayal of Thor so he could fit into the James Hunt character as well as the F1 racing car. Underscoring the heroic role he’s playing, Rush opened last week when transiting Mars was at 17º Leo, kicking off the underlying progressed Mars-to-Sun configuration. 
* See Diana Nyad’s epic swim for comparison in 
NewsScope Sept. 16, 2013