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re: Political Astrology - I recently mentioned your book "Political Astrology" on an astrology e-mail list. Unfortunately, your book is not only out of print, the copies that are available are ridiculously priced, one going for over $2000!

A. A revised edition would be better than a re-print since there's so much to add or rewrite. However, it's not a task I have time for at the moment. You can find copies at amazon for around $520. see

re: market collapse - Remember that Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception, so nothing dramatic will happen!!!

re: market collapse - I am a big fan of yours and I'm on your site almost daily...often Sunday nights waiting for midnight so I can read your Newscope articles. Last week I was sent a video by Joni Patry a Vedic Astrologer. Joni Patry is predicting the collapse of the world markets in January and she goes on to predict that 2014 will be the most significant year of our life times filled with wars, disasters, earthquakes etc. So I have always been questioning if Vedic astrologers have insights that are not available to western astrologers. Could you comment on this?

A. In the video, she explains that she's referring to April's Grand Cross between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. She also calls herself a "neo-Vedic astrologer" because she uses the outer planets and Vedic astrologers in general don't use them.So she's more of a western astrologer than Vedic, although she uses the sideral zodiac rather than the western tropical zodiac.
     As for a market collapse, or other calamity, no one knows for sure, but it is indeed a signature for major disruption in one form or another. It's particularly relevant for the U.S. since the Grand Cross aligns with the U.S. Sun. NewsScope has been and will continue to feature the major celebrities, political players and national horoscopes being influenced by this Grand Cross.
     In my view, adding the outer planets is only a small step toward deploying the most effective celestial bodies. The four major asteroids and Black Moon Lilith add gender balance to the horoscope, and reflect the Awakening Goddess archetypes that traditional astrology, and especially Vedic astrology, ignores.

Lilith, anything good? - Thanks for explaining Lilith in a positive, meaningful and useful way.

re: Lilith - I am curious about Lilith in my chart. I was born [.....]

A. Please read item #1 on the FAQ of my Lilith page to find the location of your natal Lilith. You can also use the descriptions on those Lilith pages to interpret what she's doing in your chart. Or email me for a personal reading: wolfstar

re: guns and Lilith - Had a chill go up my spine when the breaking news of the LAX shooting hit today. I had just read the article this morning on Neptunecafe relating BML to guns in the USA Scorpio rising chart. Caused me to check the tri-wheel for the US chart and sure enough the transiting Moon is on the progressed Mean Black Moon Lilith at 15 Libra. Wow!

re: top five - First the 4th U-P square on the 1st, then the eclipse on the 3rd, then Merc going direct trine Neptune: Does this bode well for the ACA (Obamacare) going through a difficult transformation, and coming out much more positively later in the month, much as the administration is saying? I hope so. I know too many people who need reliable health coverage for this to fail. As always, great info on your site.

re: Obamacare - Our President and country are headed for more dysfunction over the next 15 months. Is Affordable Health Care ever going to succeed? Other than being the first black president, will Obama ultimately be considered a great president?

re: Scorpio Rising - The latest development in the embarrassing scandal concerning the close Allies of the USA , has to be a text-book happening between Uranus and Pluto. It also supports your belief , that the USA has a Scorpio Ascendent. Love reading your stuff, you are the Best.

re: graphics - Love reading your column every Monday morning. It's quite informative and well written. I was wondering how you make the horoscope graphics for your columns. If you could let me know where I could obtain software that re-creates images like these that would be great. Thanks very much! Keep up the great work!

A. I use SolarFire to create the charts, and then fine-tune those and add some artistic touches with some very simple graphics software, so it's a combination.

re: neptunecafe - I really like reading and thinking about your articles; they offer the best information on the internet. Recently I read about the asteroid Juno. Please help me understand it better in my chart.

A. Juno and Venus are both about relationships. Juno is more interested in forming a long term commitment than Venus, while Venus is interested in sex, romance, and intimacy. If Venus and Juno are harmoniously aspected in your chart, you can marry for love, otherwise commitments may suffer from wandering affections. You can get a full description of your natal Juno and the other three major asteroids (Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas) by ordering an Asteroid Goddess Report.

re: Obama's Chiron - That's kinda neat. He may be able to heal the nation but not himself. Typical Chiron. Healthcare will be what makes him noteworthy (that Fomalhaut thing) but he will suffer for it (Chiron).hat's kinda neat. He may be able to heal the nation but not himself. Typical Chiron. Healthcare will be what makes him noteworthy (that Fomalhaut thing) but he will suffer for it (Chiron).

re: Tea Party The current articles at NeptuneCafe are more indicative of a well written article with less COMMENTARY compared to other articles around the net that had me so dismayed---until you get to the Tea party nasty-ass comments. As a former upstate (Communist state of) New York Tea Party Founder and Leader during the 2010 mid-terms, I have to wonder how many Tea Party people like myself you may know. If you met me in person, would you hate me and call me the kinds of things you call the Tea Party?

re: Tea Party - I have gone searching for astrologers who do political astrology...but have been sorely disappointed so far because of the liberal/progressives being so hateful towards anything that they don't like which is usually anything about FREE MARKET CAPITALISM, Freedom, Constitutional, etc. They are all for SOCIAL JUSTICE which has a communist history of its own.

re: Ted Cruz - Your assessment on him is incorrect. Saturn in Scorpio will cause him to "Crash and Burn", politically speaking..

re: Ted Cruz - The stellium of 8th house planets (3 of them in Scorpio, natural ruler of the 8th house) can indicate he would do well with and for other people's money. But can it also lead to life-threatening plots against him? Cruz does have 1st house chiron (which I find to be a little worrisome) opposed 7th house of open enemies Uranus but it is not quite in orb.
    Yes Sun Pluto can have a 'fascination' with power. But Cruz' 'fascination with power' may indicate his ability to work successfully with power and his 7th house/Libra placement of planets shows indomitable ability towards discernment and fairness - and holding the line. 
    I suspect that balancing the budget and refusing the debt ceiling will be next on his list - which might upset a lot of people who want the 'free' goodies to continue, caring not what debt they straddle future generations with - but we will see.

A. Please note that Cruz's birth time is unknown, and so I use 12 noon by default. This means we don't know which houses his various planets fall in...
re: slant -  I really enjoy your site and send the link to many people frequently. You would be a person I would trust on the astrology of the US and how it will probably be consumed for the next 100 or so years under socialists/communists /progressives----but only IF you would write it with NO SLANT whatsoever. You are better than the rest, that is certain. As a metaphysical conservative - I am an anomaly. But, I still think that there is an answer someplace within astrology for why this is happening.... hoping you will go in depth at some point SOON on what our future may hold as foretold by the heavens.

re: oil - Thanks for sharing the goodness on Neptune Cafe I'm delivering a presentation in a couple days, and I've been digging the oil history I've found there!

re: Miley Cyrus data - Love your Neptune Café blog.... What is your source for that Miley Cyrus' birthday? Astrodatabank has 6:37 am, but it looks like a solar rising chart to me. Their source is some comment on facebook.

A. Yes, the Facebook data is suspect and rated C. My colleague John Halloran sent me her birth time with this note: 
"Source: FCC q. vital registry office/AA
     FCC is Frank C. Clifford. I probably got this from an issue of the AFA's Today's Astrologer."

​re: election - How do you explain your incorrect call on the election?

A. Black Moon Lilith. See FAQ on the Lilith Front Page as well as the Oct 1, 2012 NewsScope article (before the election) about the role Romney's Lilith played in his defeat.

April  2009 - Dec 2011
at NeptuneCafe's 
NewsScope archives
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"Thank you very much, you answered all of my questions and offered me great insight into my life and any future issues as well as potential issues that may arise. Your reading was phenomenal!"

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"The natal chart is like a seed and progressions are the unfolding in time of that into the plant it is to become. Transits, are like a daily weather report. In political astrology, these three factors have to be taken into account!" 
July 1, 2013 - The astrology of gold prices, July's top five astro-events, and Paula Deen's fall from grace.

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January 2012 - May 2013
at NeptuneCafe's 
NewsScope archives
October 1999 - March 2009
at StarIQ's
NewsScope for January 6, 2014
By Michael Wolfstar

De Blasio and the Progressive Movement

When President Obama said in a December 4 speech that “Inequality is the defining issue of our time,” most Republicans dismissed it as class warfare and an effort to divert attention from Obamacare. But when New York City’s mayor-elect Bill de Blasio was inaugurated last week, he promised to take dead aim at income inequality. 
Bill de Blasio was born with his Sun in economically savvy Taurus (May 8, 1961; 7:03 pm; New York, NY) which squares Uranus in his 10th house of public standing. Although the Taurus Sun strives for personal wealth and stability, when in aspect to Uranus, the motivations shift from the personal to influencing the collective. Other well-known liberals with a Taurus Sun in aspect to Uranus include Ron Wyden, Tony Blair, and Harry Truman.

With his Pisces Moon opposite Pluto, and Neptune conjunct his Scorpio Ascendant, de Blasio has a sensitivity to the plight of the underprivileged (Neptune, Pisces) which inspires him to be a reformer (Pluto, Scorpio). And since his Ascendant at 8º Scorpio happens to be exactly the same as the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, his personal vision (Neptune) has the potential to galvanize a progressive movement across the country.
De Blasio’s Venus becomes an important player in this chart since it’s the ruler of his Taurus Sun and is placed in pioneering Aries. What programs will he initiate in order to address income inequality? For the moment, he plans on taxing the wealthy to fund universal pre-kindergarten care. We’ll see if this project gets anywhere as the transiting Uranus-Pluto square activates his Venus over the next few months. 
Marijuana Legalized by an Activated Lilith

Forty years ago, Americans by a 6-1 majority were against the legalization of marijuana. Now, according to a recent Gallup poll,* 58 percent of Americans favor legalization, 10 percent more than the year before. Colorado became the first state to allow recreational use as some 40 retail marijuana stores opened their doors on January 1. The state of Washington will follow suit in a few months.
Colorado’s horoscope (August 1, 1876; noon, Denver, CO) features the Sun in Leo square Neptune, the natural ruler of drugs. The marijuana legislation came into effect as the transiting Lunar Node axis was exactly aligned with natal Neptune. Also, transiting Neptune is conjunct Colorado’s Saturn in Pisces, which has removed the limitations of marijuana prohibition. While these traditional indicators suggest Colorado’s experience, currently the most prominent archetype is Black Moon Lilith.

Colorado’s Lilith is located at 11º Capricorn, and is being activated by a conjunction from transiting Pluto and a square from transiting Uranus. Also, Colorado’s progressed Moon – a solid indicator for describing what’s happening at any one time -- is at 11º 
Capricorn, exactly conjunct natal Lilith. Recalling that Lilith is associated with those things that can be felt but not necessarily seen, Lilith in Capricorn represents Colorado’s marijuana black market, now coming out of the darkness and into daylight.

Washington (November 11, 1889; 2:27 pm; Olympia, WA) has Pisces Rising, and so is ruled by Neptune. As transiting Neptune squared natal Neptune in the 2nd house of money, Washington likewise legalized marijuana but implemented major taxes on its sale. Curiously, Washington’s Lilith is at 11º Cancer, precisely aligned with Colorado’s Lilith, and similarly activated by the transiting Uranus-Pluto square. Colorado and Washington have pioneered recreational use of marijuana under the spell of Black Moon Lilith.
* For details on Colorado and Washington’s experiences, see “The Great Marijuana Experiment” at
Sean Penn’s Love Life

Actor and political activist Sean Penn first drew media attention for his personal relationships when he married Madonna in 1985. After they divorced in 1989, he then married the stunning beauty Robin Wright, but their rocky, off-and-on relationship finally ended in 2010. He’s also had an affair with Scarlett Johannson, and last week was spotted vacationing in Hawaii with another A-list celebrity, Charlize Theron.
Sean Penn was born with his Leo Sun conjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter (August 17, 1960; 3:17 pm; Burbank, CA), a robust combination that fosters a highly creative, independent and outgoing personality. A Venus-Pluto conjunction intensifies his personal affairs, creating trust issues. And with this pair squaring Mars in multitasking Gemini and Juno in free-spirited Sagittarius, making long-term commitments becomes problematic. 

Penn’s Part of Fortune is located at 27º Libra in the 10th house of public reputation. This placement, strongly supported by sextiles to Jupiter and his Sun-Uranus conjunction, suggests that his fortune, his luck, is in his relationship status to superstar goddesses. Black Moon Lilith in the 7th house of partners conjoins the 
Moon in Cancer, further describing the powerhouse personalities he tends to attract into his life.

But with Lilith opposing Saturn in the 1st house, trouble quickly ensues when he finds someone he likes. Currently, Penn’s progressed Fortuna is at 10º Libra where it’s exactly trine his Mars. This favorable connection has brought him some quality time with Charlize Theron, which has the tabloids in a tizzy. However, his progressed Fortuna goes on to square the Lilith-Saturn polarity over the next two months. The transiting Uranus-Pluto square also ignites his Lilith-Saturn, most likely creating a short but exciting affair.